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Magik gains the support of her fellow New Mutants in her mission against Forge. But before Illyana takes on the technomancer, she and the team must contend with Freedom Force!

Magik passionately declared that Forge must be killed. Directing her fury at Magneto, she ranted about how Forge's magiks prevented her from entering Dallas to help the X-Men. However, Magneto remarked that from the video evidence the X-Men had offered themselves willingly, and that he was unwilling to help. The others dived to catch her, but Magik teleported away leaving them to crash into Magneto. Angrily, Magneto grounded the New Mutnats and forebade any of them to use their powers.

Half a world away, Shadowcat and Lockheed sat watching the events from Dallas on the television. When she say Magik teleport into the room she jumped at her old room-mate for a hug, but fell through her. Shadowcat summoned up all of her strength enough to hug Magik. However, the mood soon changed when Magik explained her plan. Shadowcat tried to reason with Magik, but instead Magik accused her of being just like Magneto. She teleported away leaving Shadowcat to curl up crying on the floor.

Back in the attic of the mansion, the remaining New Mutants changed into their new uniforms. Their plan was to be prepared for Magik's eventual return and defy Magneto's rules. Suddenly Magik appeared in a stepping disc and they all pounced on her. The New Mutants fell into the stepping disc, and landed in Limbo. The environment in Limbo had grown more ghastly and grotesque since their last visit. The ground & walls were made of bizarre demonic skeletons, the mirrors reflected skeletal images, and the demons were all infected with Magus' transmode virus. Magik reminded them that Limbo was a reflection of herself, and Wolfsbane begged the rest of the team to help her since they couldn't lose another team-mate so soon after Cypher had died. Mirage felt guilty that her ability to see the death glow didn't help her to save Cypher and agreed to help. Magik conjured a scrying glass to find Forge, and when she'd located him she drew the Soulsword out of the ground. Immediately her eldritch armour appeared, covering her whole body. The others begged her to leave the Soulsword behind to protect Limbo, but she refused to listen claiming that she needed it to defeat Forge's magiks. Sym appeared as soon as they left Limbo. He was accompanied by Raek (see New Mutants # 55), a smile-faced Right soldier and the Ani-Mator (see New Mutants # 61), all of whom had been infected with his transmode virus. Sym was biding his time, plotting to fool Magik into opening a portal from Limbo to Earth.

The New Mutants arrived on Earth, and were confronted by Destiny's predictions that 'catastrophe hangs around the Darkchilde'. The old women was panic stricken with the impending disaster that Magik would bring to Earth, and stated that the outcome of that day's events would impact on the possible salvation of the planet. However, Magik didn't hear anything as she leapt through the air to attack Forge. Blob stepped forward and swatted her out of the air. Avalanche sent the New Mutants flying, and so the New Mutants began to battle Freedom Force.

Wolfsbane ran to Magik's unconscious body while Pyro surrounded them with a wall of flame. Warlock transformed into a helicopter and Mirage rode inside. They attacked Stonewall, but were pushed back by his intense stability.Warlock dived at Stonewall's feet pushing him backwards, but was crushed under his weight when Spiral's knives stopped Warlock in his tracks. Cannonball blasted through the fire to stop Pyro, while Sunspot rushed at Spiral. She jumped out of the way, leaving Sunspot to crash into a red-brick wall. The impact caused the wall to topple on top of Blob, Avalanche & Spiral. Destiny admitted that she could have warned them, but knew that Blob & Avalanche would be safe, and she revelled in Spiral's humiliation.

Sunspot rushed to Warlock's entangled wiry remains, while Mirage battled the Crimson Commando in hand-to-hand combat. However, he was a seasoned veteran and easily caught her by one wrist & one ankle, and through her down. Commando was then free to punch Sunspot from behind. As Cannonball continued to fight with Pyro, Magik regained consciousness. The Blob began to approach, so Wolfsbane changed into her transition form to protect Magik. However, Magik began to teleport the Blob in one of her stepping discs. He was saved by Super Sabre who was subsequently crushed uner the Blob's weight as he fell on him.. Cannonball finally triumphed over Pyro when he removed he fuel-tank from his back and sent him crashing into Crimson Commando.

Magik teleported herself closer to Forge & Destiny. Horns appeared on her head as she changed into Darkchilde. Destiny pleaded with her saying not to hurl 'her into Limbo or it would lead to disaster. Cannonball caught Darkchilde around the waist, dragging her away from 'Forge'. However, when Forge hit the ground he transformed into Mystique's blue-skinned form. Darkchilde was shocked that she nearly killed the wrong person. During the distraction, Super Sabre ran up behind Cannonball & Darkchilde, rendering them both semi-conscious from a miniature sonic boom behind their heads.

The New Mutants had been defeated in battle. Spial recognised the Darkchilde's danger and was eager to kill her in order to neutralise her. However, everyone stopped in their tracks when Mirage's power pulled out the image of Destiny's greatest nightmare: Manhattan over-run with vicious transmode infected demons. Destiny warned Darkchilde that events had already begun to cause her nightmarish prediction. She instructed Spiral to put her swords down, as Darkchilde's death would only hasten events. Destiny then collapsed on the floor claiming that the Darkchilde must leave Earth and learn if the Earth was to survive.

As the New Mutants pulled themselves together, Wolfsbane approached Darkchilde. However, the Darkchilde was still certain that they were trying to protect Forge. He then appeared and was ready to face Darkchilde himself. She teleported the New Mutants and closer to Forge. Destiny lay in Mystique's arms as she prayed that her warning would help to save the Darkchilde.


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