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The New Mutants grieved over Cypher's lifeless body. Wolfsbane was distraught, while Magik was furious. A remaining Right Smile-Faced soldier opened fire on them, but they managed to evade the bullets. Warlock held Sunspot back from tearing the soldier apart, and Magik pulled the solider into Limbo before Cannonball could fly into him. There she assumed her Darkchilde form and cast the soldier down into the demon filled pits. She remained as Darkchilde when she returned to Earth, and couldn't understand what the difference was in sending the Right's soldiers to Limbo then compared to while they were in battle. Mirage comforted her, convinced her to return to her Magik form. Wolfsbane confessed that she was happy the Smile-Faced soldiers were sent to Limbo, and as Magik touched Doug's cheek a ray of light lit his face.

Bird-Brain wanted to stay with the Ani-Mates and help them adjust to life without the Ani-Mator. The New Mutants bade him farewell and teleported back to school. They called for Magneto, but he was nowhere to be found. Sunspot recalled how furious Magneto was to discover the New Mutants were missing, and that he'd left to find them.

Magneto flew across Manhattan and was astounded by the vast amount of destruction (see X-Factor # 25), upon arriving at the Hallfire Club Sebastian Shaw taunted Magneto saying how he would have been in the middle of such a great fight against the likes of Apocalypse and his Horsemen. Magneto confessed that he knew of X-Factor's true identities, but was more concerned about finding his missing students. He was then shown the footage of the X-Men fighting in Dallas (see Uncanny X-Men # 226).

Back at the school's infirmary, the New Mutants had laid Cypher's body on a bench and contemplated how many X-Men had trained at the school, and how many had died. They believed in Professor Xavier's dream. Magik longed for Magneto to return, but Sunspot nearly caused an argument by saying that he was consorting with villains at the Hellfire Club. Magik snapped back that he was there looking for them. Mirage ended the arhument by saying they should call the Hellfire Club to notify Magneto of what had happened. as they left the room, Magik stayed behind to cover Cypher with a sheet. Warlock couldn't understand why she was doing it, or why she continued to disober Magneto if she trusted him. She recalled how Magneto had helped her in Limbo (see New Mutants # 52) and that he made her feel like she could be a normal girl again.

Upstairs, Cannonball tried to console Wolfsbane. She transformed into a wolf and ran out onto the roof. She tripped and fell, but he caught her. Safely landing in the tower, they both began to cry. Cannonball admitted that he blamed himself just as much as Wolfsbane was blaming herself. They talked about family, and when Wolfsbane said that she'd never had a family, he offered to adopt her as a little sister.

Downstairs, Mirage recalled the events that led up to Cypher's death. She told him about the debacle in the burger bar, and the look on Magneto's face when he saw milkshake still in Cypher's hair. Sunspot grew serious and angry, since he had seen the expression on Magneto's face when he'd realised that they'd runaway. He blamed himself for Cypher's death; if he hadn't runaway, then Warlock wouldn't have followed him, and therefore Warlock would have been able to protect Cypher. In his anger he ripped the phone out of the wall-socket. Just as he sobbed about how Magneto didn't trust him, Mirage conjured up an illusion of Sunspot as a giant raging monster to snap him out of it. She cried that it was her fault. As team-leader she should have insisted that they woke Magneto when Bird-Brain ran away. They argued until they agreed to share the blame, and therefore share the pain of calling Magneto from the unbroken phone in the kitchen.

After the phone call was made, Sunspot & Mirage summoned all the New Mutants into the living room. Magneto had already left the Hellire Club, an the goon on the phone told them to see the footage of the X-Men on the television. They watched the explosion which killed the X-Men, and Magik cried out for her brother Colossus. At that instant, Magneto arrived. He was furious, not knowing if they were involved in the trouble in New York or Dallas. He then realised that Cypher was missing.

They led him to the infirmary where he broke down, clutching at Cypher through the sheet. Immediately his tone changed. The room flew apart as Magneto used his magnetism to hold the New Mutants in mid-air. He threatened to keep them like that for their own protection. Wolfsbane tried to explain how they only wanted to help Bird-Brain, but it only angered Magneto more. Cannonball burst free from his bonds to protect Wolfsbane, crying that Bird-Brain was their responsibility. Magneto retorted that they were his responsibility. He let them go crashing to the floor when Mirage pointed out that he couldn't keep them trapped like prisoners or dolls. Sunspot was angry too, he had found the books & maps and gone to find the other New Mutants. Magneto was too busy at the Hellfire Club to find the note that Sunspot had left for him. Magik begged them to stop arguing and for Magneto's help to save her brother. However, he refused to help the X-Men. He was going to call Cypher's parents, but Magik teleported away to try and save her brother.

The remaining New Mutants turned against Magneto. He forbade them from leaving the school or using their powers. Just then Darkchilde teleported into the room. A magical barrier was preventing her from teleporting to Dallas, and her scrying glass couldn't find Colossus. She was angry that she had cared for Magneto and attacked him with her Soulsword. Her attack missed, but the New Mutants leapt on her. They implored her to return the Soulsword to Limbo, which she did eventually. Darkchilde fled the room in tears, with the New Mutants chasing after her. Magneto was left alone in the infirmary. He looked on Cypher's lifeless face and blamed Charles Xavier for putting him in charge of children whom he had no rapport with.

Upstairs in the attic, the others found Darkchilde crying in the dark. Wolfsbane clung on to her until she changed back into Magik. As the sun rose, the New Mutants began to try on new outfits. They accepted that the X-Men were dead, and that it was their responsibility to take over. Therefore they would need new outfits to help save humanity, because if they didn't save the world then who else would...?


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