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The New Mutants broke into the luxurious San Francisco apartment of Karma's uncle, General Nguyen.  His two bodyguard floozies were easily knocked out by Karma's power, while Wolfsbane jumped on the General.  He refused to provide any information on the Viper, even after Karma possessed him and threatened to throw him off the edge of the balcony.  Ultimately Karma agreed to the General's conditions: information for 12 months of her servitude.

Meanwhile in New Mexico RU Reddy teased Wolf about his inferior riding skills, but Professor Xavier's telepathic projection chastised them for fooling around like little boys while Psyche's life was in danger.  Team America grew determined to accomplish their goal.  In Colorado Xavier confessed to Lilandra that he was having trouble extending his telepathic contact between both the New Mutants in San Francisco & Team America in New Mexico.

In Big Sur, California, Psyche considered her means of escape.  Although incapable of doing anything, she remained determined to escape.  The Silver Samurai watched her through CCTV and considered how alike she was to the Viper.  Viper appeared freshly showered and they discussed how they would kill Psyche, and how the Silver Samurai had been denied his inheritance by Mariko Yashida.

With Xavier's telepathic aid Team America broke into a fortress which acted as an AIM complex.  They remained undetected until the opened the safe and an alarm went off.  Under fire, they snatched the crystal and fled.  However, the fortress suddenly detonated.  Simultaneously a psychic attack crippled both Xavier and Lilandra rendering them both unconscious.

Back at Big Sur the New Mutants were prepared to sneak into the Viper's hideout when a mysterious psychic entity began to call out to Karma.  It refused to identify itself, revealing that it wanted to bring about Xavier's destruction and that it would use her to do so.  Karma screamed, the psychic entity disappeared and Viper's guards were alerted to their presence.  Sunspot threw a truck at the facility's generator knocking out the power.  The others charged in, while Psyche's cell wall was demolished.  As she made her escape she found Wolfsbane unconscious and bleeding on the floor.  The Silver Samurai's powerful katana had slashed at Wolfsbane's body, and he was stood above Psyche, ready to kill them both.

Meanwhile Team America were fleeing AIM's flying assault craft.  Wolf had been moved by Sunspot's words earlier and called out to the Dark Rider to posses him.  Successfully transformed into the Dark Rider, Wolf soon defeated their pursuers.  

The Silver Samurai's attack on Psyche & Wolfsbane was foiled by two successive attacks from Cannonball & Sunspot.  He teleported out to check on the safety of Viper.  Viper had been trying to fight off a psionic possession from Karma, but the Silver Samurai's sudden appearance startled her giving Karma full control.  The Samurai defeated Karma by knocking Viper unconscious and teleported her to safety.

Team America were soon reunited with Professor Xavier, while the New Mutants regrouped.  Karma teased Psyche about her "very becoming" green outfit, and after blushing Psyche amazed at how quickly Wolfsbane's wounds were healing.  Psyche and Karma argued about Karma's agreement with her uncle, but they were interrupted by the Professor's telepathic call.  He was angry that they didn't wait for him, but Karma replied that she had tried to contact him and he failed to respond.  Although the Professor agreed and was glad that they were safe, Karma was contacted by the mysterious malevolent psychic being.  It claimed that it had come for her body & soul.  She screamed in terror and the others went to her aid.  

From outside Viper's facility the Silver Samurai activated a self-destruct which destroyed the whole base.  The Professor cried out as he experienced the pain and terror before his mind-link with the New Mutants was once again severed.

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