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While in the shower, Cypher began to see something unusual in his right-eye. He ran out of his room, but the other New Mutants appeared in formal dress to see what was wrong. However, when Cannonball touched him they both became infected with the transmode virus. The other New Mutants panicked and reacted with their powers, but one by one he turned them into empty husks of circuitry. With all of them dead, he leapt out of the window and was confronted by Warlock. However, Warlock informed him that he was Magus since Cypher was the new Warlock, which meant that they should fight to the death.

Cypher woke up on the toilet, resting against the basin. He was relieved that it was only a dream. Deep insides Cypher's eye, so tiny that it could not be perceived by the human eye, was a microscopic piece of circuitry.

In Central Park, a taxi cab pulled up alongside a limousine. An exchange was made; a million dollars for a small statuette of a Roman woman. In another patch of the park Mirage was complaining about landing in the snow while wearing their smartest clothes. They had to teleport into the park, where no-one would see them arrive. Magma melted the snow, and they walked the rest of the way to the Hellfire Club. Magik fell to the back of the group to check on Cypher. He'd been acting skittish without Warlock around to protect him, but he aggressively reacted against Magik's concerns, and stumbled backwards into the path of an on-coming taxi cab. Magik teleported him to safety, but he was still angry that they thought of him as a helpless baby.

Inside, Magneto began to shmooze with the rest of the Inner Circle, while the New Mutants wondered if they could trust him. The Hellions entered the room, Magik felt at ease in the party because of her tainted soul, and Magma was confronted by Selene. Other Hellfire Club members enquired why Magma gave Selene such evil looks, and she began to brag about how she had killed Magma's mother. Cannonball & Mirage realised that the temperature inside the room had increased, causing mirage to confront Magma about it. She made it clear that her personal vendetta should be left for a more suitable time & place. Selene then taunted Magneto that he should have more control over his students, but he believed they were acting strangely because they were worried for Sunspot & Warlock who had run away from school (See the Fallen Angels mini series).

Tarot approached Cypher, but when she asked him to dance he openly accused her of being up to a malicious scheme. Rejected, she ran away. Empath was delighted at the hurt caused by someone else, and Magik grabbed him, pulling him into a dance. While on the dance floor she threatened to return Empath to Limbo if he abused his powers. Mirage and Thunderbird exchanged pleasantries, which became unpleasant when they accused each other of having corrupt teachers. Catseye had pounced on Wolfsbane and suggested that they transform into their animal forms to play. Although at first reticent, Wolfsbane soon agreed. Mirage's telepathic connection with Wolfsbane activated, and her argument with Thunderbird ended. With psi-dampeners all over the building, she was unable to detect where Wolfsbane had run off to. They soon found the abandoned dresses, and ran off to find the were-mutants.

Jetstream challenged Cannonball to another contest (see New Mutants #17 & #40), and although he accepted the challenge Magma seemed more impressed by Jetstream. Their conversation ended when Hellfire Club member Gerhard Von Ostamgen made an announcement. He had purchased the statuette in Central Park and presented it to the Hellfire Club. He claimed that it was of Selene, the Moon Goddess, but Magma objected. She stated that it was of her grand-mother many times removed, and that the original had been in her family home for generations. Selene delighted in correcting them both. She insisted that it was of her, and that she was Magma's ancestor. She then broke the figurine on the floor claiming it was a forgery.

Upstairs, Cypher met Roulette who accompanied him to a poker game. She draped over him, and referred to him as 'lover'. Cypher continued to win many high-stakes games, and when he had defeated all the other players Roulette kissed him. They took the winnings, grabbed a bottle of champagne from a passing waiter, and left the room. Thunderbird & Mirage had no luck tracking Catseye & Wolfsbane. They ventured down into the tunnels beneath the Hellfire Club where masked guards sent them back upstairs. Wolfsbane & Catseye had been playing in one of the bedrooms upstairs. They had ordered caviar, champagne and foie gras from room service, but scared the maid when she arrived to deliver it. As Wolfsbane ventured out on to the landing to apologise to the maid she began to scream.

The scream was felt by Mirage, and so all the New Mutants and Hellions ran after her. When they arrived upstairs, they met Wolfsbane who had been shocked by Cypher & Roulette's shameless drunken behaviour. Mirage grabbed Cypher by the scruff of the neck and ranted about how the New Mutants should behave better than Hellions. This caused another argument with Thunderbird.. However, Cypher suddenly recalled Roulette's mutant power of luck, and slapped her across the face. Thunderbird then grabbed Cypher by the scruff of the neck, which Mirage resented claiming it was her responsibility to discipline her team. Cannonball interjected giving them a chance to determine which was the superior team after all; they should hold a contest to see who could locate the people responsible for the forged statuette of Selene. Despite initial concerns about the promises they had made to their respective teachers, both teams goaded each other into participation.


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