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Sunspot & Magma ran through the New York streets.  They had been told to split up, and they had run into the subway station to escape their pursuers.  As the train pulled into the station, Scalphunter rode on the front of the train and immediately shot Sunspot through the stomach.  Magma powered up, but her attacks missed Scalphunter.  Instead, she was unable to maintain her magma form when Vertigo made her lose her balance.  Scrambler kissed Magma, so when she tried to turn back into her magma form, her powers turned against her and she incinerated herself.

The other New Mutants saw the resulting explosion and ran for their lives.  Despite having told Magma & Sunspot to split up, the remaining seven New Mutants were still together.  They realised that it meant their friends were most likely dead.  Magik was the only one who did not take the situation seriously and teleported away just before Sabretooth was able to grab her.  Instead he went to attack the other six New Mutants.  Karma briefly held him at bay, but lost her concentration when Warlock was struck by one of Harpoon's energy spears that was originally intended for Cypher.  With Warlock dead, Wolfsbane transformed into a wolf and attacked Sabretooth.  However, she was no match for him.  Cannonball was forced out of the sky by Vertigo's powers, and Arclight caused a building to topple over the team.  Sabretooth appeared on the rooftop and threw Wolfsbane down to the street.  Mirage screamed as she cradled Wolfsbane's dead body.  She tried to conjure up Scalphunter's worst nightmare or dream, but killing her was his dream.  So he shot her at point blank range.

Magneto ended the Danger Room session and was bitterly disappointed with the New Mutants.  His lesson was clear; that they should not have left the school during the Mutant Massacre as they would have been slaughtered by the Marauders.  It wasn't until he'd finished his lecture that he realised Magik was missing.  She didn't teleport back to the school until the sun had set.  Re-appearing in her bedroom, she caught her reflection in the mirror; she was still in her Darkchilde form.  Forcing herself to return to normal, she flung herself on the bed desperately missing her best friend, shadowcat.

Down in the stables, Mirage groomed Brightwind.  She was depressed by memories of the future she had been trapped in.  Wolfsbane appeared and admitted that she was depressed by the other alternative future she had been trapped in, where Mirage had been cold and distant.  To cheer them both up, Mirage grabbed Wolfsbane and took her flying on Brightwind.  They swooped past Sunspot who was forcing Cannonball to improve his soccer skills.  

Inside the school Karma had finished her typing and resented Magneto with his correspondence.  She spotted all of the New Mutants' files spread across his desk, and asked if he had any news of her missing brother & sister.  Magneto tried his best to reassure her that he was using all of the resources at the school and the Hellfire Club.  However, she still refused to accept that she should do nothing to find her missing family.  When she left, Magneto tried to reconstruct the broken Cerebro circuitry (see Uncanny X-Men #213), but it exploded all over the desk.  He then went up to magik's bedroom, where she was crying in bed.  At first he tried to be a strict teacher, but then he tried to understand her.  Magik sat up, and revealed some of her dark personality to him; by turning a light on Magneto could see all the demons and inverted pentagrams in the room.

Magik then teleported them both to Limbo.  Magneto had never been there before and was astounded to find a beauty landscape.  However, Magik had already reassumed her Darkchilde appearance.  Sym appeared and attempted to attack Magik.  Since Sym had been infected by Magus' transmode virus Magneto was able to keep the demon at bay with his magnetic powers.  He offered to destroy Sym for Magik, but she insisted that she should be the one to win her own fights.  

Smiling again, Magik restored her physique to that of a normal girl and teleported them back to a very normal looking bedroom.  She hugged her teacher in thanks for helping her in Limbo.  The others then began to call to her from outside, demanding that she join them in a game of soccer.

Note: The soccer game at the end of this issue serves as a starting point for Fallen Angels #1.  Sunspot and Warlock have a hiatus from the New Mutants, but can be found in the Fallen Angels mini series.


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