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Xavier's School for the Gifted was completely empty. All the bedrooms were unused. Magneto's desk had photographs of his family, and in his diary was an appointment with the Hellfire Club.

As the Starjammers carried out repairs, Professor Xavier tapped into the minds of the New Mutants. They relived the slaughtered bodies in the Morlock tunnels, seeing the X-Men emerge weary & defeated, and images of the original five X-Men dressed as X-Factor the mutant hunters. The professor couldn't bear it any longer, but Lilandra couldn't accept his desire to return to Earth.

Back on Earth, Storm rode a derelict cruise liner along the stormy coastline. She passionately defied the violent weather with the determination that one day she would have her powers restored. The old ship began to fall apart, as Magneto tore it up to create a storm-break to protect the local town of Leesford. He was concerned that the locals would tear it down if they knew it had been constructed by a mutant. They then discussed the offer to join the Hellfire Club. Storm believed it was an excellent opportunity to have one more allie and one less antagonist for the X-Men to worry about.

Back in space, the New Mutants used their powers to help repair the Starjammer. Outside, Cannonball flew equipment around, Magma spot welded, and Warlock acted as a bubble to protect Cypher. Inside, Hepzibahmade snide comments about Lilandra and her insane family members. Lilandra settled the matter by punching Hepzibah while her back was turned. The fight was interupted by the holographic image of Wolfsbane begging the Professor to come quickly.

Magik had locked herself in her quarters, and they were afraid that without her they would never go home again. The professor commanded Karma to posses Magik's mind & open the door from the inside, but Mirage objected. The Professor pulled rank, and so Magik was forced to open the door. While under Karma's influence the Professor began to interogate Magik. She began to cry and confessed that she didn't want to go back to Limbo or re-assume her Darkchilde persona. Magik blamed Karma and Mirage blamed the Professor. Before he could argue his reasons he was distracted by something unseen and telepathically commanded Cannonball & the others to return inside the Starjammer immediately.

The Starjammer began emergency procedures, and Binary pulled Cannonball & Magma back inside before the attacking nuclear explosion could reach them. On deck, the Professor gave Hepzibah instructions of where to fly, while the New Mutants were being thrown around by the erratic manoeuvres.

The Professor was wrought with doubt. He wanted to return to Earth to ensure the New Mutants' safety and confront his old pupils in X-Factor. However, Lilandra begged him to stay with her and to continue using his telepathy to help save the Starjammer. He made up his mind and commanded Magik to teleport the New Mutants back to Earth, via Limbo. When she refused, he commanded Karma to posses her again.

Back at the school, Magik screamed at her team-mates. She couldn't trust them, and threatened violence against them before teleporting back to Limbo. The others didn't blame her for being so angry, and began to wonder how long they had been gone.

In the Hellfire Club, Magneto and Storm prepared to be accepted into the Inner Circle. Magneto ripped off the frilly shirt and changed into his red & purple costume. Although Sebastian Shaw objected, the White Queen accepted them. Jointly, Storm & Magneto were accepted as the White King of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle.


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