The New Mutants #5

    The New Mutants » The New Mutants #5 - Heroes released by Marvel on July 1, 1983.

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    The New Mutants encounter Viper and the Silver Samurai, along with Team America! But who is the Dark Rider? And are the New Mutants ready to go on a mission to rescue one of their own?

    Professor Xavier collapsed in agony caused by the psychosomatic pain in his legs. He explained his frustration to Lilandra, and that the shock severed his telepathic link to the New Mutants. The students were with Stevie Hunter at a local fair. They enjoy many of the games, and Sunspot & Psyche enjoyed an airplane ride. After landing Sunspot went over to three members of Team America who were preparing for their act. Sunspot got autographs for his "sister" from Cowboy & RU Reddy, but Wolf's attitude offended Sunspot.

    The New Mutants went to find seats for the show, and Team America made their final preparations while being watched by a mysterious figure in dark green. The show began and the kids enjoyed all the motorcycle stunts. However, just before the last part of the show Team America came under attack. Unable to telepathically contact Professor Xavier, the New Mutants sprang into action. Their secret identities were hidden among the confusion & chaos, but they were driven back by the intervention of the Silver Samurai. Even Team America's "guardian angel" the Dark Rider was soon defeated by the Silver Samurai who knocked the Rider unconscious. When he removed the mask he revealed that it was really Psyche. The New Mutants charged him, but were unable to stop the Silver Samurai from teleporting away with Psyche.

    When Psyche woke she was clad in a green cat-suit and faced a deadly assault from giant metallic-spiked wheels. There was a motorbike waiting for her, but without the knowledge to use it the vehicle was soon demolished. Amazingly the giant crushing wheels stopped just before they reached Psyche and she was led away by the Silver Samurai to meet Viper. The Viper demanded to know why the Dark Rider suddenly had no knowledge of motorbikes, but in her fear & anger Psyche accidentally revealed Viper's greatest fear. Enraged, Viper struck Psyche and promised to kill her.

    Meanwhile back at Xavier's school Tom Rossi provided information on the Silver Samurai, Viper & Dark Rider. Professor Xavier used Cerebro to confirm his suspicions about Team America. In Washington DC, Viper appeared in Honcho's bedroom and blackmailed him. Team America were to steal a crystal for her in return for Psyche's life. Honcho gathered the rest of Team America to discuss the matter, to which Wolf was gruff and didn't care for the girl's life. The sudden appearance of Professor Xavier surprised Team America, and Wolf's unsympathetic talk enraged Sunspot. The Professor ordered the New Mutants to go outside while he discussed the matter with Team America. Outside the kids were angry and confused, but the Professor's telepathic projection explained that he hoped that Team America would save Psyche, or at least stall Viper long enough for the X-Men to arrive and save the day. Sunspot argued with the Professor, and although Karma rebuked him for answering back she agreed that the New Mutants should save their own friend.


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    A Standard New Mutants Issue 0

    This issue starts a new arc in the series. This arc features Team America, but there nothing special, just a bunch of stupid motorcycle riders. They seem to be more of a distraction then help. The New Mutants drive (haha so funny) this story more then Team America. Silver Samurai is nothing special in this issue either. Viper is pretty typical villain. Two issues ago I said it was the last good Moonstone Issue :(. This issue just proves my point. Moonstone is pictured like a weak human. She is a...

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