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Sentinels Gone Wild

Captain America Sentinel folks. There is a f*cking Captain America Sentinel here wrecking and pillaging the land. I didn't know that was something I so longed for, but congrats Chris Claremont, you have completed the imperfect circle of my life.

Now we just need to witness a venom sentinel with Wolverine adamantium claws....too much? Definitely not for the path that Marvel is heading these days.

Oh, and great story by the way, one of the best in this long magnum opus of a long mutant soap opera. And when I say soap opera I mean in the most revered way possible. We have characters that one might dislike, but would still care for, due to their duties as a mutant and their personal complexities. Also, we have an ode to Days of the Future Past, a future that can be revisited countless times until the pen is dry and I would still not hesitate to read it. We have future Cannonball and a more ruthless Moonstar; mutant-phobic Sentinels wiping and cleansing the land free of any living thing, and it didn't even spare Captain America, who seemed to have a change of heart in his mutantphobia.......only to die in the hands of a mutant hunting machine.

Seriously, what is not to love here? Great storytelling, compelling exposition, and sentinels gone wild. A mutant lover's wet dream.

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