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Karma, Magma, Sunspot and Wolfsbane stared at the poster of various X-Men and grown-up New Mutants on a wanted poster.  They quickly realised that Magik's teleportation had gone wrong, but they didn't quite realise how.  They were teleported back to the location of Xavier's School for the Gifted, but it no longer existed in this alternative future.  They were unaware of the approaching sentinels as they tried to decide what to do next.  Karma was powerless against machines, but Wolfsbane protected her.  Suddenly they were saved by an adult version of Cannonball.  Magma and Sunspot had more success against the giant robots, and an adult version of Mirage arrived brandishing a plasma rifle as she flew on Brightwind's back.  Cannonball and Brightwind carried all the young & old New Mutants away.
Back in the present day, Magneto used some automated droids to help him clean Mirage's bedroom.  He was shocked at how messy the co-leader of the New Mutants was.  Just as he considered whether he should post a letter she'd written to her parents, he heard a sudden cry.  His little droids had captured Stevie Hunter as if she was a common intruder.  He apologised for what happened.  However, Stevie wondered what was the point in being a teacher in a school without students.  Magneto re-affirmed his belief that they weren't dead and would eventually return.  He confessed how much he cared for them, that he couldn't give up hope.

In the future, the sentinels were planning their strike against the mutants.  Meanwhile the mutants were living in an old abandoned Sentinel factory from Project Armageddon.  They exchanged stories.  Cannonball remembered the journey to medieval Scotland, which he claimed was how he knew they would find their team mates at the site of the old school.  Sunspot asked him what happened to make the world turn out the way it had.  Cannonball explained how anti-mutant hysteria grew out of control.  Eventually the government sent the Avengers, Freedom Force and the Fantasic Four to round up the outlaw mutants.  When the sentinels came into effect, the heroes were double crossed and soon became the next targets for the sentinels.  
After they had exchanged stories, Wolfsbane approached the mature Mirage.  She wanted to talk to her friend, however Mirage snapped at her that her Wolfsbane had died in her arms.  Young Wolfsbane ran away in tears.  The others were shocked and looked to Cannonball.  He explained that they had to grow hard through years of war, and that they had been gathering as many survivors as possible and Lila Cheney would teleport them to live in safety in her Dyson Sphere.  The young New Mutants were appalled at how their friends were planning to run away from their problems, but they were interrupted by a sentinel broadcast.  Lila had been kidnapped, and was due to be executed in the morning.  The New Mutants recognised it as a trap, with Lila as the bait.  So they began to plan the fight to free Lila Cheney.

In the morning, Magma created a devastating earthquake on the destroyed site of Marvel Comics in New York.  She was creating a diversion for the sentinels, allowing Karma, Mirange and Wolfsbane to approach the sentinels base.  Meanwhile, Sunspot was amazed at how fast Cannonball was flying in complete silence.  Suddenly an electrical tendril grabbed Cannonball, sending him crashing through an old brick wall.  The sentinel that attacked them was painted like Captain America, and Sunspot soon knocked a building on top of it.  However, the various hands and other appendages appeared out of the rubble to continue the fight with energy nets and rocket-powered propulsion.  Sunspot kicked them away like a football, and Cannonball blasted them to smithereens.

Meanwhile, the Mirage & Wolfsbane had entered the sentinel complex.  Mirage fired her plamsa rifle to give Wolfsbane enough cover.  With her lupine senses, she could detect the sentinels' ploy.  She commanded Mirage to shoot Lila, who was suspended in mid-air.  Mirage hesitated, but then did as Wolfsbane commanded.  When shot, the image of Lila faded into another sentinel.  Wolfsbane ripped the head off, revealing Lila trapped inside.  They freed Lila, and although she was still weak, she teleported them to safety.

They re-appeared on the coastline.  What should have been a jouyous moment was in fact sad as Wolfsbane revealed how the older New Mutants were playing on betraying them.  During the fight, Mirage had let her guard slip and therefore allowed Wolfsbane to look into her mind.  The young time-displaced New Mutants would be left behind in Manhattan while their older friends would travel to the Dyson Sphere.  The younger mutants were frightened, and didn't know what to do if Magik failed to appear.  They disputed the logic that their older friends knew what would happen, because their younger versions weren't there with them to recall events.  However, nothing could convince the older mutants, and therefore the four New Mutants were left behind.

They stood on the barren coastline, desperately clinging on to the hope that Magik would teleport in to save them.  Magma powered up and summoned a huge mountain in the middle of deserted Manhattan.  The mountain exploded into an almighty volcano.  The others were impressed by the strength of her power, and she admitted that she would ache the next day.


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Captain America Sentinel folks. There is a f*cking Captain America Sentinel here wrecking and pillaging the land. I didn't know that was something I so longed for, but congrats Chris Claremont, you have completed the imperfect circle of my life.Now we just need to witness a venom sentinel with Wolverine adamantium claws....too much? Definitely not for the path that Marvel is heading these days. Oh, and great story by the way, one of the best in this long magnum opus of a long mutant soap opera....

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