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Professor Xavier failed to wake Moira MacTaggert, just as Mirage failed to use her telepathic rapport to wake Wolfsbane.  Gabrielle Haller still refused to give the Professor any extra information she was hiding about David's austism.  

Mirage convinced the Professor to telepathically enter David's mind together, and then use her rapport to locate Wolfsbane within his psyche.  However, moments after admiring the Professor's astral form she was attacked by a wolf that she mistook for Wolfsbane.  During the psychic attack their physical bodies began to ignite.  Although covered in flames they didn't actually burn, but the attack soon spread to Cypher & Gabrielle Haller as well.  Warlock could only scream while they were dragged into David's mind and imprisoned in a bubble.  The Professor decided that he couldn't lose more people inside David's mind, and began to tear down the brick wall.  The psychic assault caused David to scream in pain and he began to cry out for his father.  Cries aimed directly at the Professor.

Discovering that David Haller was his son, the Professor was unable to continue fighting while holding onto Gabrielle Haller, Mirage & Cypher.  As they fell deeper into David's psyche, the Professor was confronted by three faces.  A fiesty girl, an Arabic lad and a man who spoke like a cowboy.  They addressed themselves as Legion (in reference to the biblical figure who was possessed by a legion of demons), while David's own personality was a very small boy who struggled to be heard above the others.  David continued to cry for help, but the Professor had to search for the others first.

Warlock and the Multiple Man struggled to cope with all the unconscious bodies, while the Professor dived deeper into David's mind.  He arrived in a place that resembled Paris, but with a huge black dome that covered the majority of the city.  The psychic Paris landscape was under constant attack.  Wolfsbane used her added agility & strength from her transitional form to carry Moira MacTaggert out of harms way, while Mirage, Cypher and Gabrielle Halller took care of themselves.  The Professor saw the Arabic lad and tried to call out to him, but was forced back by an attacking gunship.  He was saved by a tall white man with a moustache.  Jack Wayne spoke like a cowboy out of a western film.  Despite the Professor warning himself not to, he immediately warmed to Jack.  Jack was one of the Legion of personalities, who used his telekinetic powers to protect them from enemy fire.  The Professor had already surmised that the Arab boy was a telepath, which Jack confirmed.  He added that David's true essence had been locked away in the black dome by the telepathic Arab.  They then began to move towards a tower next to the dome to find the telepathic personality.

Cypher and Mirage looked for a clear path away from enemy fire.  Gabrielle Haller spotted the Arabic boy and reacted violently towards him screaming that he'd killed her best friend.  The two New Mutants held her back, but had to flee when a tank began to attack.  Elsewhere, Wolfsbane & Moira MacTagger encountered the third of David Haller's Legion of personalities; a pyrokinetic girl called Cyndi.  She was permanently angry and aggressive, always eager to use her fire powers, but she agreed to help them.

Cornered on the Eiffel Tower, Cypher & Mirage threw debris down to stop the fierce soldiers.  The creatures had no minds, therefore Mirage's power had no effect on them.  Suddenly they were saved as the soldiers burst into flames.  The reunion was short lived as Mirage demanded to know more about David and the Arab.  She explained that the Arab had tried to murder her son, but that was when he autism and mutant powers manifested.  David had acted out of self-defence, but since he was unable to control is powers he had killed his would-be attackers.  Moira MacTaggert then concluded that David had absorbed the psychic personality of the Arab, meaning that this aspect of his personality was the actual person who had tried to kill him.  Cyndi then informed them that Jack was preparing to tackle the dome.  It appeared as if the dome had grown into a mountain for them to climb.  Cyndi then began to flirt with Cypher.

In another part of 'Paris' Jack Wayne handed the Professor a dagger.  He had convinced him that it would be the only way to deal with the telepathic Arab boy.


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