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Tandy and her uncle, Father Bowen, were reunited. She confessed that she had been Dagger, and both she & Tyrone were ready to face up to their responsibilities. However, Tyrone continued to stutter and shout out of frustration, hurting Tandy's feelings. Sunspot continued to reel in pain, while Magik recounted what had happened in Limbo (see New Mutants #24). The new information gave Professor Xavier an idea.

He began by telepathically talking with Tyrone. The Professor confided how he felt when his telepathic powers first manifested. That at the time he only seemed to hear the worst and darkest thoughts of the people closest to him. When Tyone had calmed enough, the Professor confronted Tyrone with the knowledge that he was scared of losing Tandy. His anger was soon eased by Tandy's arrival. She hugged her best friend & re-assured him that she would always be there. With everyone ready for the next step in the Professor's plan, he commanded Magik to teleport them all to Limbo.

The teleportation itself was smooth & painless, but Cannonball and Mirage were ready to fight off any aggressive demons when they arrived in Limbo. Professor Xavier was telepathically connected to Rogue as she began to absorb the light powers out of Wolfsbane. The white streak in her hair grew until it was completely white, while the professor gained the distinctive white monocle over his right-eye. As Wolfsbane began to doubt that she looked as beautiful as Rogue did with the light-powers, Sunspot attempted to flee with his shadows flaring out of control. However Magik, as mistress of Limbo, refused to let him go without a fight. She held him off with her Soulsword and Tyrone leapt at Sunspot to confront his old shadowy powers. With Sunspot distracted, Rogue took the opportunity to absorb the shadows out of him. White and black poured across both Rogue and the Professor's skin as they were consumed with the powers of Cloak & Dagger. Just as they thought they couldn't contain the power any longer, Magik cast a spell that redirected the powers into their original vessels.

Everyone returned to St Anne's Church where Cloak & Dagger (fully restored) rejected offers to join Professor Xavier's school. They bade farewell to everyone, and accepted Father Bowen's offer to turn to him whenever they needed help. Magik tried to shrug off any praise, but fell asleep while talking.

Across town, the pimp that Tandy & Tyrone had encountered at the bus station had a young boy & girl in his apartment. He was dazzling them with fancy outfits when Cloak & Dagger arrived. They used their powers to scare the pimp out of business, and the children into sobering up. Dagger placed a call to her uncle Mike (Father Bowen) to give the young boy & girl a place to stay & some counselling.

Additional: In the back of this issue was a pin-up in the form of a fact file drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz. This feature had been done before in previous issues. This time however it featured an all new character, David Charles Haller, whom would become better known as Legion. The bombshell was dropped that this was Charles Xavier's son! In the next issue, Legion is also seen in-story.



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That Was Easy 0

After setting up a pretty good character problem, the resolution is as simple as it is obvious: give Cloak and Dagger back their powers. We all saw it from the beginning, most likely, and though the use of Rogue as the conduit to return the powers is mildly clever, the entire build-up is not paid off very well here. The New Mutants play almost no role in this issue, as it becomes essentially The Tyrone Show, with special guests Professor X and vanilla Rogue (this seems to be the odd middle perio...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

Bill 0

What's on display here is the art of Bill Sienkiewicz. Here we get to see his unique take on Cloak and Dagger in this atmospheric episode, in which Cloak learns a valuable lesson from Professor Xavier. Chris Claremont writes, so it's wordy, but in the end I think you'll appreciate the character study. 8/10...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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