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Shadows and Longswords

Professor X should really start taking the New Mutants seriously, especially Illyana. Though he is admittedly distracted with the growing David Haller situation across the pond, it's been over a year since the New Mutants have been living and training with him, and though some are garnering more control and diversity in their powers (especially Dani), his general lack of sustained interest in them and their abilities really comes to a drastic climax here, with Illyana giving more into the darkside of her infernal powers in an attempt to "help" Sunspot and Wolfsbane when no one else apparently can (or so she thinks), being too impatient to attend to what Xavier is doing. Claremont does a good job of bringing back some previous elements of the New Mutants' extended story (though we are still wondering what happened to Karma), and the protracted inability to solve Sunspot and Wolfsbane's problem is logical and realistic (within the confines of the Marvel Universe, of course). This is the issue in which Magneto starts to show more authentic human understanding, while Xavier seems to fall further into unhuman-scientist mode, even upset at Cannonball's wearing a Lila Cheney t-shirt. It's a good issue even with the seemingly obvious Cloak and Dagger subplot/dialogue. It all works well together.

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