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Sunspot's shadows enveloped the medical lab. He hungered for light to drive away the pain and would consume Doctor MacTaggert for more light. However his approach was stopped by Wolfsbane's sudden appearance. She immediately & subconsciously grew into a tall beautiful woman with long flowing hair, and transformed into a being of pure light. Both Doctor MacTaggert and Professor Xavier were at a loss for an explanation. Sunspot began to reduce in size, gradually resembling his normal self when powered up. However, Cannonball's sudden violent appearance scared Sunspot causing him to teleport away with Wolfsbane. Everyone left behind in the medical lab began to recall the events of the last day and the New Mutant's adventure with Cloak & Dagger (see Marvel Team-Up Annual #6).

Across town, Tyrone & Tandy had discharged themselves from Roosevelt Hospital. They were surprised at how scary and dark the city was. Tyrone stuttered as he attempted to comfort his friend.

Meanwhile in the Bermuda Triangle, Magneto complimented Lee Forrester on a beautiful green gown she was wearing. She told him of how she had found it, and began to wonder what the woman who had owned it was like. Magneto left her in peace, apologising for his earlier behaviour. Lee Forrester took the moment to giggle and thinking that there was still hope for him yet.

In St. Anne's Church, Father Bowen and his wards Leong & Nga Coy Manh (Karma's little brother & sister) were surprised by the sudden appearance of Wolfsbane and Sunspot. While at the bus terminal Tyrone & Tandy shooed away a pimp who was scouting for lost runaways. They realised how powerless they were, leaving him to recruit other children. Back at St. Anne's Sunspot cried thinking that he had killed Colossus. Wolfsbane transformed into a pure white wolf and ventured into Sunspot's shadows. There she found Colossus wandering through a desert where he lost the love & lives of both Kitty and Zsaji. Wolfsbane carried Colossus out of the shadow and was greeted by the rest of the New Mutants, Rogue and Professor Xavier. At the sight of her mentor she shrank back into a her normal appearance and raced into the Professor's arms.

Across town Tandy & Tyrone considered what they were running away from. They were frightened at how powerless they were in the city, but Tyrone knew he would lose the only person he loved if Tandy returned home.

Meanwhile, in St. Anne's the Professor telepathically chided Cannonball for wearing an inappropriate Lila Cheney t-shirt. Sunspot & Wolfsbane slept in peace, while Magik checked on her brother's health. Magik kept quiet about how the church made the demon half of her uncomfortable. Mirage then offered to use her psionic rapport backed-up by the Professor's telepathy to reach into Wolfsbane's mind. However, the experiment reached into Sunspot's mind, giving Wolfsbane nightmares and causing their new light & dark powers to flare out of control. Magik broke the connection by slicing her Soulsword through Mirage's belly.

The experience reminded Rogue of when the X-Men fought demons in Dallas (Uncanny X-Men issues 187 & 188), which gave Magik an idea. Against the Professor's wishes, she teleported Sunspot & Wolfsbane to Limbo. Wolfsbane panicked but was unable to resist the spells. Magik drew the light & dark powers out of her team-mates. But with nowhere for those powers to go, Magik ended up absorbing them. Ultimately the combination of light and dark proved too much for her, and she had to use her Soulsword on herself. Her Eldritch Armour grew, covering more of her body and the light & dark powers were sent back into Wolfsbane & Sunspot respectively.

Professor Xavier was furious with Magik's behaviour, but his lecture was cut short by the unexpected arrival of Tyrone and Tandy.


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Professor X should really start taking the New Mutants seriously, especially Illyana. Though he is admittedly distracted with the growing David Haller situation across the pond, it's been over a year since the New Mutants have been living and training with him, and though some are garnering more control and diversity in their powers (especially Dani), his general lack of sustained interest in them and their abilities really comes to a drastic climax here, with Illyana giving more into the darksi...

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