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Girls from the local area were scared as they approached Xavier's School for the Gifted, but they soon enjoyed themselves in a giant girl's only slumber party in the attic. Pop corn and pillows were thrown about while others danced and watched music videos; all in celebration of Psyche's successful recuperation. Psyche was still wheelchair bound and wanted to dance, but Magik convinced her to relax. Meanwhile the local girls were still worried about the stories they'd heard about strange goings on at the school, unaware of Lockheed watching them from just outside the skylight.

Up in space, Mageto's Asteroid M came under attack. He tried to use his magneto powers to halt the intruder, but his asteroid was in the direct path of the flying alien the Starjammers' had previously detected.In a blinding light, the asteroid was annihilated by the young alien named Warlock, as he falls to Earth.

Back in the attic, Magma tried to converse with the local girls about who various pop stars were. She became upset over the comments one of the girls made about her lack of knowledge, and her anger stirs up a minor earthquake. Magma soon regained her composure after a quick apology and the girls suddenly paid attention to her genuine gold earrings & silk robe. Wolfsbane was sitting away from everyone else when they suddenly pounced on her. The make-over attack scared her, and she began to transform into her transitional state and was calmed by a telepathic nudge from Psyche. Magik and the other girls were then let loose on Wolfsbane's appearance.

Outside in the mansion's grounds both Sunspot & Cannonball swap stories about baseball and their father's. When Cannonball knocked on the door he was amazed to be greeted by a pretty red-haired girl. However, his innocent mistake enraged Wolfsbane who transformed into a werewolf in a pretty dress, and punched him in the stomach. Inside, Psyche teased Wolfsbane saying how Cannonball genuinely thought she was a pretty girl. Back upstairs in the attic the girls began to hold a seance. Lockheed had decided to join in the fun and perched on Magik's head, which she claimed was an ornate hat.

Back outside Cannonball had been for a dip in the lake when he thought he saw a meteor. The 'meteor' changed it's course and splashed down in the lake. Realising that regular meteors don't change direction, Cannonball blasted down into the water to collect the 'meteor'. On dry ground Sunspot used his super strength to carry the object into the mansion.

Once he regained consciousness Warlock searched for the closest power outlet. Plugging himself into an electrical socket he was unable to control the heavy influx of power and accidentally knocked out all the lights inside the mansion. Up in the attic Wolfsbane was worried about being part of a seance, but was relieved when Psyche used her power to conjure the image of a sacred djinn. However, the New Mutants knew that something was amiss when Lockheed jumped up and flew away. He flew down into the kitchen where he came across Warlock. The new alien had already absorbed the life energy of a pot plant, and mistook the alien dragon for another snack. Lockheed protected himself by breathing fire on Warlock. The screams were heard by the girls in the attic and both Cannonball & Sunspot in their bedrooms. Everyone rushed to see what the commotion was, but Magik was first to arrive. She teleported a demon from Limbo into the kitchen, but Warlock transformed the demon into circuitry and then absorbed it's lifeforce. Magik had also developed a small webbing of the circuitry over her hand, but her Eldritch Armour protected her. When Warlock stepped closer, Magik grabbed Lockheed and teleported them both out of the way (see New Mutants issue #63).

Wolfsbane encountered Sunspot & Cannonball, who told her about the 'meteor' they left downstairs. She informed Psyche through their telepathic rapport, and then conveyed Psyche's anger and instructions to Cannonball. They were to find the alien before any of the girls from the party discovered their true identities. Magma blasted Warlock with molten rock, and Cannonball blasted him through the wall back outside. Outside, Magma then melted the rocks underneath Warlock's feet, but he tried to retaliate sending tentacles through the ground to grab her. However, Sunspot grabbed the tentacle and ripped it in two. Warlock's scream shook the ground, but thankfully wasn't heard over the music in the attic.

Inside the mansion, Psyche pushed herself to walk but the pain caused her to collapse just as Warlock approached. Warlock's tendrils reached out to Psyche, and since the others couldn't reach her in time she conjured up an image of what he was scared of the most; his father Magus. The shock caused Warlock to fall over the balcony. Wolfsbane tried to comfort Psyche while in her transitional form, and managed to shift into full wolf before a couple of girls spotted her. They were impressed that Psyche had a fully trained wolf, but then spotted Cannonball's half-naked body flying passed the window. Running to see more of him, they screamed as they run into the frozen remnants of Magik's demon. Cannonball appeared, carrying Magma's unconscious body. He snapped at the girls saying it was only a statue and they shouldn't go wandering around in the dark as hey'd only hurt themselves like Magma had done. The girls left to go back to the party insulting Cannonball all the way back upstairs.

The New Mutants bounced ideas off each other. Cannonball and Psyche (who was still up in the attic, and communicated through her telepathic link with Wolfsbane) agreed that they didn't think that Warlock intended any harm; that he was scared & hungry in an alien environment. Cannonball flew off to get their friend Doug Ramsey, because they knew was a mutant with a talent for languages.

Down in the Danger Room, Warlock tried to interface with the computers but collapsed. Sunspot & Wolfsbane tried to understand what he was doing, but were interrupted by Doug's arrival. Doug wasn't pleased to be woken in the middle of the night be a friend who informed him of his mutant powers. He hid his surprise of the alien being and how Wolfsbane was really a werewolf, and began to use the Danger Room's control console to communicate with Warlock. He created images of trees, planes, people and other aspects of life on Earth. Warlock in turn reached up into the control booth to show them holograms of his own upbringing. A nursery of technarchy children who, once 'born', were forced to fight their 'fathers' to the death. However, instead of facing Magus, Warlock chose to run away. Doug understood that Warlock was 'at the end of his rope', but it was Wolfsbane who finally reached out to him.

Warlock touched her semi-furry hand without transforming her into circuitry. His hand then transformed into a giant electrical plug, and Wolfsbane guided it into the wall where he could recharge. The joy of receiving strength was overwhelming and Warlock spoke his thanks, which surprised Wolfsbane since they didn't realise he could talk.

Later that night, Professor Xavier returned home. As he strolled in he found a hole in the wall, and Magik suddenly appeared baying for blood and wearing a spacesuit (see New Mutants #63 for details of where she and Lockheed had been). Just as the Professor was about to lose his temper the New Mutants surprised him with Warlock's sudden appearance. Although he was annoyed that the students had taken it upon themselves to induct an alien being into his school, he could sense that all their intentions were pure. The Professor shook Warlock's hand and officially welcomed him to the school.

Additional: In the back of this issue were pin-up fact files drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz. One per New Mutants member. These feature Cannonball, Magik and Sunspot.

Note: The New Mutants Annual #1 takes place between the action of issues 21 & 22. It is not essential reading, but does explain the sudden appearance of Lila Cheney t-shirts in Cannonball's casual wear.



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After a rather dramatic trilogy, the New Mutants get a bit of down-time with a female slumber party (while the guys walk around the campus for a bit of a chat). Dani is recovering nicely from her mauling, thanks to the Morlock Healer, enough to enjoy the atmosphere if not actual participation in the events. Rahne gets a much-needed makeover, and finally at the end shows enough gumption to make her character more than the wishy-washy mealy-mouthed "Oh, I'm such a simple Christian girl - everythin...

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