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Inside the White Queen's equivalent of the Danger Room, Jetstream attacked Empath blaming him for his defeat (see the previous issue).  Empath then used his powers to control Jetstream until the White Queen appeared.  She rebuked Empath and commanded that Catseye transform into her human form.  They sat around a table and discussed the triumphs and defeats of their battles with the New Mutants.  Empath reluctantly apologised to Jetstream, while Tarot gasped to see the Lovers card in her deck.  

Meanwhile, Kitty & the New Mutants were locked in a room that inhibited their mutant powers.  Sunspot's back continued to hurt him, so Kitty forced him onto a bed to massage him.  While working on Sunspot's back, she fiercely denied that she had ever stood next to the White Queen (which the New Mutants had been shown when they first arrived at the Academy), and declared that they were all to be converted into the Hellfire Club's private army.  Sunspot still held on to hope that Psyche and Illyana would rescue them, but the White Queen's telepathic intrusion appeared & began to taunt them all.

However, Illyana and Psyche were lying unconscious in Limbo.  Psyche recovered in time to beat back some of Limbo's demons, and used her power to scare them away with an image of Sym.  Suddenly Sym appeared and carried Illyana to her bedroom.  When Illyana awoke she had been changed into a flowing green dress, and Psyche was wearing a revealing outfit made out of animal hide.  Sym teased that he would have given Psyche his special attention if she'd been trapped in Limbo, causing Illyana to teleport him away.  She then cast a healing spell to cure her own wounds.  After Psyche reassured Illyana she still trusted her they teleported back to Earth.

Back in Massachusetts, the girls dived into a nearby office as both the Hellions and New Mutants walked passed.  Their old team mates were laughing and playing, while wearing the distinctive pink Hellions uniform.  A newspaper lying on the desk told them that they had arrived one year later, and before they could fully understand the extent of Illyana's time travelling abilities, the White Queen burst into her office to confront them.  They teleported away before the White Queen could do anything to them, and returned a week after their original arrival.  Psyche couldn't reach the Professor through their telepathic link, and still failed to reach the X-Men on the telephone.

Soon they located and woke the other New Mutants.  However, their reunion was cut short by the Hellions, who had been alerted to Psyche & Illyana's presence when the telephone tripped a silent alarm.  Psyche failed to create any spirit forms, and Cannonball mentioned the risk the Hellions took since the inhibitor field in their room effected them too.  The Hellions offered the New Mutants a chance to leave.  They had discussed the matter among themselves and decided that they didn't want the New Mutants as part of their team.  Therefore they challenged them to a dual; Cannonball versus Jetstream.

In the White Queen's training room, Thunderbird activated the assault course.  Cannonball was caught off guard by flying projectiles and Jetstream was entangled by robotic arms.  As Cannonball fell, he caught onto a bar and used an acrobatic trick that Nightcrawler had taught him to swing himself back up into the air.  Seeing Cannonball take the advantage Jetstream broke free and flew away with greater control & speed.  Cannonball crashed into the ceiling, while all the bystanders cheered them on.  As he freed himself, Cannonball was caught in mid-flight by Jetstream, and tossed into a giant metallic compress.  His blast field protected him and destroyed the machine, and Sunspot shouted to use the 'Magnum manoeuvre'.  Cannonball flew to some hanging gymnastic hoops, grabbed on, spun on it in mid-air and kicked Jetstream.  They fell to the floor together, with Cannonball on top of his opponent.  

As they argued about who had won, both Sebastian Shaw and the White Queen appeared.  She was about to deny them their victory so Cannonball flew into Sebastian Shaw, but was swatted him away with ease.  Psyche and Sunspot followed Cannonball's lead.  However, the White Queen's telepathy turned Psyche's power against herself, scaring her with an image of a demonic bear.  Sunspot was defeated by Shaw just as easily as Cannonball had been.  Kitty phased through the walls and controls to the training room causing it to short-circuit and attack everyone inside.  Everyone fled, with Wolfsbane & Catseye dragging Sunspot to safety.  Wolfsbane asked Catseye to join them, but she refused asking Wolfsbane to stay in Massachusetts.  They parted, and Illyana teleported them back to the empty mansion.

Cannonball knew that they were lucky to have escaped against the likes of the Hellfire Club.  Just as they turned to go inside, Psyche was approached by an evil clouded figure that heralded the coming of an evil force that was coming for her life.


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