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Note:  This follows events in Uncanny  #180.

Illyana had waited till the early hours of the morning to use her spells undisturbed.  She sent her Astral form to Massachusetts where she found Kitty Pryde had been bound powerless to a chair by the White Queen.  The White Queen tormented Kitty, showing her Doug Ramsey's telepathically induced fantasy of him dancing with and kissing Kitty.  Kitty remained defiant, and the White Queen threatened to destroy her mind just as Mastermind her previously done to her.  As they were arguing about Kitty's potential to join the Hellfire Club, she spotted Illyana's astral form.  Somehow the White Queen was also able to see Illyana, and used a mind-blast to attack her.

Back at the mansion the New Mutants were woken by Illyana's screams.  They ran to her aid, but were forced to fight off a hoard of demons.  The demons all vanished into smoke whenever they were caught, and Psyche used her power to conjure up the image of Illyana as an adult Darkchilde to scare them away.  The experience left Psyche drained and she hallucinated that the adult Darkchilde carried her back to bed. 

Illyana explained to the New Mutants that she was also a demon sorceress and how she had discovered that both Kitty & Doug were being held against their will in Massachusetts.  The New Mutants were willing to help, but had been left strict instructions to call the Avengers of Fantastic Four in an emergency.  However, both Roberta the Rceptionist and Jarvis informed Sunspot that their teams were away on missions.  As the X-Men were also missing in action (see the Secret Wars mini series), so the New Mutants agreed to help.  None of them could drive and Cannonball couldn't carry the whole team all of the way, so they used Sunspot's money to buy bus tickets to Massachusetts.  

At the bus station both Sunspot and Wolfsbane fell into a trance, and went to the observation deck staring out at The Holy Ghost Church, were Cloak & Dagger would go to rest.  On the bus, Illyana was aware of how Wolfsbane continued to stare at her, while Cannonball & Psyche worried for Sunspot & Wolfsbane.  They recollected the events of Marvel Team-Up Annual  # 6, and Psyche revealed that she was worried how a bunch of kids would be able to take on the foes of the X-Men.  She had attempted to programme the Danger Room for a Hellfire Club scenario, but it refused to let her execute such a high-level sequence.  While Sunspot and Magma took in the sights along their journey, Cannonball went to talk to Wolfsbane.  She couldn't accept Illyana because she was a witch, which went against her religious teachings.  Cannonball disputed her beliefs with his own Christian upbringing.  They compared childhoods, and Wolfsbane told him about how her mother had died in childbirth.  He consoled her saying that her mother would have loved her, and that she was welcome to join him on a visit back home to Kentucky.

When they arrived in Massachusetts, Magma used her power to burn a  tunnel into the underground complex at the Academy.  The New Mutants soon found the spot where Illyana had seen Kitty and rushed to her aid.  However, the Kitty Prryde they saw tied to the chair was merely a hologram.  In a flash of blinding lights, the White Queen appeared before them all with a subservient Kitty Pryde.  She announced that they would all belong heart & soul to the Hellfire Club.


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