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In this final issue, Shatterstar appears and fights for his life; not only against the New Mutants, but also against warriors from his home world. Feral sees an opportunity to join this team and hopefully find some protection against the Morlocks. And with Warpath and Domino already on his side, Cable sees a group worthy of fighting for the cause of humanity in the upcoming war.

This is the final issue. The team changes its name and can be read in the pages of X-Force.


An alarm sounds and Cable, Warpath, and Domino head to the Danger Room in response. Cannonball sneaks from behind, having quieted the sound of his blast field. The four enter the Danger Room to see a stranger fighting with some expensive robots. Cable gives Warpath the go-ahead to take out the newcomer. Warpath attacks the guy from behind, but the stranger is too quick. He kicks Cable and throws Warpath. Domino then confronts him and finds some success, but the stranger has a lot left in his tank and neutralizes her for the moment. Then, as Cannonball zooms towards him, the stranger blasts him out of the air with some laser from his sword. Having had enough, Cable steps in and beats the crap out of the new guy. He takes the sword and cold cocks the stranger, knocking him unconscious. As the team heads towards the medilab, Feral watches from the rafters. She's impressed by their teamwork. As she slinks away, the Danger Room glows. Three mysterious figures have teleported in and begin looking for the stranger. Just then, Masque and two of his goons enter the mansion in search of Feral.

In the Medilab, the stranger wakes up. His name is Shatterstar. He is from the Mojoverse and is on a mission to find the X-Men to aid in the Cadre Alliance rebellion against Mojo V and Spiral. Shatterstar chose to come to Earth to find this help, but he ran into the New Mutants in a fatigued condition. Cable states that his team is probably better than the X-Men. Leaving the men to talk, Boom-Boom heads to the kitchen to find Shatterstar some food. What she finds, however, is Feral. Not wanting to be caught by anybody, Feral attacks. Boom-Boom busts out a quick mini time bomb, which is enough to alert Cable and Cannonball. They head to the kitchen to find Feral asking for asylum from Masque and the Morlocks.

Back in the recovery room, Shatterstar, Warpath, and Domino are discovered by the soldiers from Shatterstars home world. Shatterstar states that these guys are like ten of him packed into one. With those facts, the group begins the fight. Warpath and Shatterstar have an inter-fight conversation about both of their people having the drive to fight until the death, only Warpath's actually ended up completely dead. In the kitchen, Cable's crew is alerted to the scuffle in the recovery room. As they head towards the fight, Masque and his goons follow behind. As Cable and Co. enter the fray, Feral meets a soldier and guts him. The fight with the aliens is quickly over, but the final blow is had by Shatterstar. He's grabbed from behind with little way of escape. Shatterstar takes his sword and runs it through himself, effectively killing the soldier behind him. Cable asks Shatterstar if he is crazy. Shatterstar simply states that he'll do whatever it takes to win.

At that moment, Masque makes his presence known. His demands are simple: give Feral back to the Morlocks. To show how serious he is, he sends Brute and Hump to muscle the New Mutants around. Cable, to show he's serious, shoots Brute in the head without further question. Masque and Hump quickly exit the mansion.

Later, the New Mutants meet together to see where everyone stands. Warpath, Shatterstar, and Feral are welcomed to the team. Then Cable states that too many of their enemies know where the New Mutants are. They've got to move. Boom-Boom has reservations, but Cable tells them all that they've learned how to use their powers, they just need to start properly using them. As they prepare to leave, Cannonball and Boom-Boom express their desires to make the world a better place. They embrace and then load into a ship that carts them off to their future.


Stryfe ascends to a joint session of his Mutant Liberation Front. His first order of business is to dispatch Forearm, Reaper, Zero, and Skids off to Genosha to teach them a lesson. He is displeased that their plans have taken so long, but he assures his team that all will work out. He then removes his helmet to show a face that looks remarkably like Cable's.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
APurple background/1st printing

Rob Liefeld

BGold/2nd printingRob Liefeld3
CSilver/3rd printingRob Liefeld2

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This issue is odd to me. I started reading comics because of Cable and X-Force and so this issue marks a time of transformation from what was to what I was hooked by. So this should be a great book because it shows how many of my favorite characters got together. Sure, this has that appeal. But in looking back to Cable's beginnings you can't help but get a little into what the New Mutants were. Reading this book in context (with back stories intact) is pretty lackluster. Sure, lots of action, co...

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