The New Immortals

    Team » The New Immortals appears in 13 issues.

    Created by the High Evolutionary as a race of Gods.

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    when Thor  shaved his head and beard while at Wundagore mountain, it introduced a world of permissibility for the scientific mind of the high evolutionary. With these genetic samples of an Asgardian God  he planned to create a new race of godlike beings.
    The first experiment was a basic clone of  Thor  dubbed Nobilus 
    After this experiment produced a highly mentally unstable godling he refined his research and but was found by  a creature who he would turn into the Recorder . With a new vat of knowledge and seeping with Thors genes he created a perfect godling in Zon . Still not satisfied he went on to create Juvan
    The last of the group would be Count Tagar  who had served the 
    High Evolutionary  for years he immersed himself in the genetic vat and himself became a new immortal. 


    They would travel the universe in the ship new Wundagore The group would face Thor in battle, later ego the living planet, nurse the High Evolutionary  back to health and finally rebel, relocate to new Orion and be placed in stasis aboard Wundagore 3.

    Shared abilities

    all are virtually unkillable by terrestrial norm and are as durable as Asgardians. They are also genetic relatives of Thor.

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