The New Gods #9

    The New Gods » The New Gods #9 - The Bug! released by DC Comics on July 1972.

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    The Bug!

    Forager leads a raiding party, in search of food. No sooner have they breached the walls surrounding a storehouse, then they come under attack from the Monitors. The majority of the raiders fall victim to the Monitor's gas attacks, but Forager, and a few survivors, successfully carry food back to their mound. Meanwhile, on Earth, Orion and Lightray take respite in the home of Eve Donner, to recover from their epic battle with Kalibak. Food is distributed among the colony. Forager gets into a scuffle over a piece of bread. The conflict is ended by the Prime One, who takes Forager aside to confer privately with him. Their discussion is interrupted by the sound of alarms, indicating that the mound has come under attack. A rival faction invades the mound, sparking a great conflict. In Metropolis, Donner finds Orion to be a light sleeper. Risen from his slumber, Orion begins screaming at the heavens, issuing a challenge for Darkseid to come and face him. Donner finds herself terrified by the fury of Orion. With the unexpected aid of Mantis, Forager's colony have repelled the invaders. Mantis quickly rallies the populace to his own cause. Suspicious of their savior, Forager seeks the council of the Prime One. To Forager's horror, the Prime One is being taken away for execution. The Prime One reveals Mantis' plan to use the colony as weapons in Apokolips' war with New Genesis. The Prime One also reveals to the Forager that he is not of the colony, but of New Genesis, and that he must seek out Orion. The Prime One is brought before the All-Widow, who slays him. For Forager's objection, the All Widow demands his death. Orion and Lightray depart Donner's home, for the apartment of private investigator, Dave Lincoln. Upon arrival, they are immediately arrested by the police. The colony turns against Forager, who fights his way through insurmountable numbers to strike at Mantis. Forager dodges bolt after bolt, finally lunging at Mantis. His quarry though quickly sidesteps Forager's attack. Forager's momentum carries him through an open Boom Tube, which carries him all the way to Earth.

    "The Lady and the Tiger."

    This story was originally published in Adventure Comics #78 (September, 1942). A plot summary of this story can be found on that issue page.


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