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    "The Pact!"

    Izaya and his wife, Avia, share a moment of peace in the idyllic fields of New Genesis. Suddenly, they are attacked by a raiding party from Apokolips, led by Steppenwolf. Izaya and Steppenwolf clash in an epic battle. When Avia tries to come between them, she is slain by Steppenwolf. The death of his wife consumes Izaya with rage, but he is felled by Darkseid before he can act. Izaya is left for dead, as Steppenwolf and his Demon Raiders return to Apokolips. The attack spurs New Genesis to war with Apokolips, a conflict that will come to be known as "The Great Clash". Monitors from New Genesis lay siege to the whole of Apokolips, laying waste to the landscape with weapons of unimaginable power and scale. Holed up in the Royal Bunker, the ruler of Apokolips, Queen Heggra, confers with her war cabinet. Darkseid strikes a bargain with Metron. In exchange for the X-Element, Metron will give Apokolips Matter Threshold technology, a precursor to the Boom Tube. Using the Matter Threshold, Apokolips' forces begin teleporting into New Genesis, striking at multiple strategic points. With Steppenwolf leading the charge, the forces of New Genesis begin to falter. The military ranks of New Genesis part, giving Steppenwolf easy access to the leader of New Genesis, Izaya. The two old enemies meet again on the field of battle. This time it is Steppenwolf who falls, and there is no mistaking his death.

    Still, the war escalates. Greater and greater God machines are crafted to rain destruction down upon the two warring planets. Whole suns are converted into power sources for cannons that belch armageddon. Izaya sees the utter destruction of the universe itself, if the war is not stopped. Izaya wanders the ruined wastelands of New Genesis, in search of another way. He renounces war. Before him appears the Source Wall, and Izaya knows what must be done. A secret bargain is struck between Izaya and Darkseid, Apokolips' new ruler in the wake of Heggra's death. Izaya's firstborn son is sent to Apokolips, to be raised by Darkseid. The infant is left in the care of Granny Goodness, who names the boy "Scott Free". Taken to the Orphanage, Free is guaranteed a life of cruelty, one from which he will one day escape, thus breaking the pact with New Genesis. Until that day, Darkseid will have time to redefine his power base, without the constant distraction of an endless war. Holding up his end, despite the protests of his wife, Tigra, Darkseid sends his own firstborn son to New Genesis to be raised by Izaya. The boy has only ever known hate in his young life. His first instinct is to lash out at Izaya, but the calm peaceful strength of the Highfather gives the boy pause. An uneasy trust is forged. The boy, Orion, allows Izaya to lead him on a new path.

    "Vykin the Black!"

    A creature, spawned by germ warfare during the Great Clash, tunnels towards the surface of New Genesis. Stanga enlists the tracking skills of Vykin The Black, to find the creature and destroy it. Vykin The Black engages the creature deep below the surface of New Genesis. After a brief skirmish, the creature is repelled, descending back down to greater depths.

    "The Legend of the Silent Bear"

    This story was originally published in Adventure Comics #76 (July, 1942). A plot summary for this story can be found on that issue page.

    "Here Come the Robots"

    Reprinted from Real Fact Comics #2 (May-June, 1946), Jack Kirby and Joe Simon imagine a world of thinking machines, where robots have taken over most of the mundane tasks of mankind.


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