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The Glory Boat!!

A horrific leviathan of brobdingnagian proportions scours the oceans of the world, decimating all seagoing vessels in it's path. One such vessel, the S.S. Aurora, yields up three survivors, Farley, Richard, and Lynn Sheridan. Their life raft bobbing in the churning seas, the Sheridan family finds unlikely rescue in the form of Orion. In pursuit of the monstrous juggernaut, Orion momentarily abandons his hunt, to attach a magnetic towline to the Sheridan's raft. With the Sheridans dragged along behind him, Orion follows the signals emanating from his Mother Box to an aged wooden craft. Adorning the vessel's mast is a lone figure, bound in steel-like strands of kelp. Using the Astro-Force to release the figure from it's bondage, Orion is surprised to discover that it is his friend, Lightray, who has come to such dire straits. Leaving the Sheridans on deck, Orion and Lightray descend into the ship's hold. A nightmarish creature awaits them in the darkness. It's unearthly screaming sending out a siren signal to the leviathan, guiding it on it's path of destruction. Orion prepares to destroy the "Sender", but Lightray stops him. Opting for a less cruel solution, Lightray reduces the "Sender" into a lifecube, one that will grow now in the image of New Genesis. The newly altered life form begins to emit a call signal, to lead the leviathan back to Orion and Lightray.Orion and Lightray patrol the surrounding waters, in search of the Deep Six. Jaffar's invisibility, though, allows him to slip past the two Gods, and re-board the old wooden vessel.

The Sheridans descend into the hold to find the lifecube shooting machine-like tendrils throughout the walls and decking of the ship. Unnerved, they return to the upper deck, where Jaffar is waiting for them. Farley Sheridan is immediately cowed by Jaffar's monstrous appearance. His pacifistic son, Richard, leaps to his defense. Jaffar's mutagenic touch erases Richard's face, horrifically killing him. Orion, enraged by Jaffar's murderous act, bombards the scaly killer with the Astro-Force, until Jaffar is no more. Lightray places Richard's body deep in the hold of the ship, while Orion programs his Astro-Harness to carry Lynn to safety. Her father, Farley, elects to remain behind with the New Gods. The skies darken. The winds begin to howl. The roiling seas lash violently at the wooden vessel. The last of the Deep Six close in on Orion and Lightray. First to attack is the Flying Finback, Shaligo. Trok, with his whirling axe-blade, and Gole are right behind him. The three lay siege to the vessel, but Orion triumphs over them all. Suddenly, flames wash across the deck, as Pyron launches incendiaries from within his manta ship. Through the smoke, Orion sees Farley, lashed to the mast. Before Orion can move to rescue Farley, Lightray stops him, drawing him down into the hold. The last of the Deep Six regroup with the leviathan, as it bears down on the little wooden vessel. Riding a torpedo, created by the lifecube, then launched from the vessel, come Orion and Lightray, the body of Richard Sheridan draped across the deadly missile. The surrounding seas are consumed in fire and fury. Only Lightray's speed allows him, and Orion, to escape the blazing holocaust. Forgotten in the aftermath of the massive conflagration is Farley Sheridan, still lashed to what remains of the aged craft, adrift at sea.

Beware of Mr. Meek!

This story was originally published in Adventure Comics #75 (June, 1942). A plot summary for this story can be found on that issue page.

The Rocket Lanes of Tomorrow

A two page interpretation of the Space Age as imagined by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Originally published in Real Fact Comics (1946).


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