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Traveling through space via his Mobius Chair, Metron pays a visit to the Promethean Giants. All of whom have fallen prey to dire fates from failed attempts to penetrate the universe's final barrier. Changing course, Metron heads for faraway New Genesis, and a rendezvous with Izaya, the Highfather of the New Gods. Meanwhile, on Earth, Detective Sergeant Dan "Terrible" Turpin is reviewing tapes taken from a recent raid on an Intergang stronghold, with private investigator Dave Lincoln. Turpin grills Lincoln on his knowledge of the events depicted on the tapes, but Lincoln is evasive. Returning to his apartment, Lincoln confers with his companions Harvey Lockwood, Claudia Shane, and Victor Lanza. Without Orion to guide them, the group chooses to go their separate ways until called upon again. Orion awakens to find his leg clamped tightly in the maw of an enormous, mutated clam. Subdued by Slig, Orion discovers he is know Slig's prisoner. Slig taunts Orion with a display of both his mutagenic and destructive powers. Once Slig has arrogantly wandered away, Orion channels his Astro-Force through his wrist circuits, firing off a powerful burst of energy, that forces the clam to release his leg. The creature lunges at Orion, only to be slain by another blast of the Astro-Force. Stealthily, Orion ambushes a mutated shark sentry, before continuing his explorations of Slig's cavern.

Orion comes across an enormous shell-like harness, vaguely recalling the creature that had been held by it. Orion picks up his pace, quickly dispatching more of Slig's mutated guards, as he searches the cavern for his foe. Back in Metropolis, Turpin sits beside the hospital bed of one of his officers, a man named Nolan. His report leads Turpin to the realization that a kind of gang war is occurring, on Earth, between immensely powerful beings. At that moment, a sense of foreboding falls upon Lincoln. Just as he decides to escort Shane to a safer location, a Boom Tube opens over the rooftop of his apartment building. Through the Boom Tube comes Kalibak, who destroys Lincoln's apartment with one blow. Slig discovers the chaos left in Orion's wake. The two adversaries square off. Orion's attack is both swift and vicious. A burst of the Astro-Force staggers Slig. Orion mercilessly presses his advantage. Blow after blow rains down on Slig. Orion tears the very helmet from Slig's head, then gleefully crushes Slig's Mother Box. The rage of battle has revealed Orion's true, more savage face. The soothing song of Mother Box, though, returns a gentler demeanor to his countenance. Orion executes Slig, then hurls his corpse into one of the cavern's deepest pits. Orion exits into the sea, in pursuit of the horrific leviathan that Slig has unleashed upon the world's oceans.

Scavenger Hunt

This story was originally published in Adventure Comics #74 (May,1942). A plot summary can be found for it on that issue page.

Introducing Fastbak!

The Young God, Fastbak, is second in speed only to Lightray. Once more the reckless Young God takes to the skies over Supertown, ostensibly to test his new "Aero-Pads". Fastbak is pursued by the authoritarian Monitors, but despite their best efforts to catch him, Fastbak is ever elusive. Inspired by Fastbak's antics, several Young Gods take to the skies to prove their own prowess and speed. None, though, can truly match Fastbak. Their momentary distraction gives the Montiors their best opportunity to apprehend Fastbak, but with lightning swiftness, Fastbak escapes. However, when Fastbak attains his peak speed, the power drains from his Aero-Pads. The Young God is drawn down the the ground, where he is rapidly ushered into the proper attire for a solo performance before the Highfather of the New Gods, Izaya. It is strongly suggested that the power of Izaya's Wonder Staff is the cause of Fastbak's power failures, a subtle way for the ruler of the Gods to keep his young charges in check.


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