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O'Ryan Gang and The Deep Six

Riding the Mobius Chair, Metron, traveling with young Esak, passes through a primitive, savage society. Arriving on New Genesis, they are informed, by Izaya, Highfather of the New Gods, that one of their own has fallen. On Earth, local authorities fish the body of Seagren out of the water. On hand is Orion, who immediately recognizes the fallen God. Orion activates Seagrin's Mother Box, initiating it's final task. The pier is engulfed in cosmic fire, consuming Seagrin, and carrying his soul back to the Source. Orion departs, by more mundane means, with his human companion, Dave Lincoln. The Black Racer is also on hand to bear witness to the death of a God. With Seagrin carried back to the Source, the Black Racer returns to a dilapidated tenement building, to resume his mortal identity, that of paralyzed Viet Nam veteran, Sergeant Willie Walker. Unseen by all, Darkseid, too, has bore witness to Seagrin's end, a fate he hopes will soon come to Orion. Back at Lincoln's apartment, Orion rejoins his mortal companions, Harvey Lockman, Claudia Shane, and Victor Lanza. Darkseid's forces on Earth are masked, but the device that hides them from Orion's Mother Box is protected by Intergang. Using the Mother Box to link all their minds together, Orion and his companions telepathically search the city, eventually being drawn to Snaky Doyle, a criminal in the employ of Intergang.

Lincoln accosts Doyle on the street. Posing as a member of a rival mob, Lincoln demands Doyle tell his Intergang bosses to stay out of the O'Ryan Gang's territory. Doyle is followed to a remote seaside mansion. Shane drives up to the mansion, then feigns car trouble when the guards come out to greet her. With the trio of guards occupied trying to push Shane's car down the road, Shane activates a special feature in her car, and gasses the lot of them. With the guards dealt with, Lincoln, Lockman, and Lanza erupt from the underbrush, and storm the mansion. Lanza is sent upstairs to ferret out the location of the device jamming Mother Box's detection circuits. Lanza finds Doyle, tied to a chair, with a mounted gun pointed at his head. A man called "Country Boy" hooks the weapon's trigger with his fishing rod and reel, and shoots Doyle with a paralysis ray. Lanza acts unimpressed with Intergang's operation, prompting Country Boy to reveal Darkseid's Jammer. As soon as the device is exposed, Orion flies into the room and destroys it, with his Astro-Force. Orion's "gang" subdues the Intergang criminals, while Orion follows Mother Box's signal into the sea, where he discovers Slig, one of the Deep Six. Slig immediately mutates a passing colony of sea creatures into one horrific multi-tentacled horror, one that quickly tries to kill Orion. Once more, Orion brings the Astro-Force to bear, destroying the creature. Dazed, Orion gapes in wide-eyed astonishment at the secret terror the Deep Six have sequestered beneath the waves. It has already taken the life of a God. It may also be the end of Orion... and Earth... as well.

The Secret of the Buzzard's Revenge

This story was originally published in Adventure Comics #73. A plot summary for the story can be found on that issue page.

Coast Guard Reconnaissance: A True Adventure

Lieutenant Commander Fred N. Nirschel, of the United States Coast Guard, surreptitiously lands on a Japanese controlled island in the Pacific. Nirschel's mission is to scout out the Japanese forces, securing information as to their number and equipment. Having gathered his information during the night, Nirschel makes his way back to the ship, at dawn. Discovered by a Japanese patrol, Nirschel overcomes their greater number, and makes it to the rendezvous point before the Japanese army can investigate the gunfire. For his valor, Nirschel is awarded the Silver Star.


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