New Avengers #9

    New Avengers » New Avengers #9 - The Sentry part 3 released by Marvel on September 1, 2005.

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    The mystery of the Sentry revealed! What has kept the Sentry a secret from the world, and how will the world react to his re-emerging?

    Yesterday: The Illuminati meets to discuss The Sentry. Iron Man asks Reed Richards why he sent Matt Murdock to see The Sentry at the Raft, but Reed doesn't remembering doing such a thing.

    Now in Hartford Connecticut: The Avengers, the X-men and The Inhumans battle The Void while Emma Frost and Reed Richards talk to Robert Reynolds. Reed explains to the confused Robert, that he found a message from Robert and plays it. The message is Robert telling Reed to remember him and goes on to tell himself that if he is watching this trust the heroes. Robert agrees and Emma enter his mind.

    Inside Robert's mind: Emma learns that Robert was The Sentry and Mastermind was paid to make him think that the Void was real while himself and everyone forget who he was because of what Mastermind did. Next to Mastermind, someone is pleased to have defeated a hero completely through both body and mind. That person's face is hidden. Robert freaks out and leaves Emma alone to deal with the Void.


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       This and other reviews can be found at my blog   Summary Flashback to the Illumiati meeting after stark asked them to give him info on the sentry. No one there has any knowledge of such a being BUT when reed checks his computer databanks he finds thousands of entries. What’s more Prpf-X warns his mind has been tampered with. In the present the void attacks our heroes. Invisible woman, Dr. Strange and Iron man throw up a barrier while Emma and Ree...

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