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    I found this to be a very disappointing issue. My main critiques are:

    1. The cover is misleading - Ms. Marvel #47 sports a similar cover and the issue actually highlights a date between Ms Marvel and Spider-man.  This issue of New Avengers has very little to do with subjects of this cover.
    2. The art fails to establish space and momentum - The assault of the helicarrier never really sets up a consistent pace and seems to just jump from highlight shot to highlight shot without really giving the reader an idea of how the assault breaks down and even seems spatially inconsistent.  I think this was a lost opportunity to show some unique team-ups.
    3. Fills like filler - When this all gets thrown in a trade I'm pretty sure you can rip out all but the last page of this comic and no one will notice.  Usually I don't see this as an problem since I love a great single issue, but as New Avengers has progressed I have looked to it to be the focal point of the major marvel storylines and I hate to see an issue of this series wasted.

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