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What Next? 1

I am very excited for the next issue of The New Avengers in Dark Reign, with Luke Cage crossing over to Normans Dark Avengers, anything can happen now.  I am also interested in to see how the new Captain America does as the Avengers leader.  Could he be better then Steve??  We can only wait too see if he succeeds, let alone survive.  The out come of the expected battle is weighing twoards osbourns side because he controls some of the most feared villians and some if the most powerful heros, the ...

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Laboured 0

This issue has some more teeth than the first in the Dark Reign tie-ins, and as a story it functions better to draw in more interest in the Dark Reign story arc, but issues where teams try to recruit heroes always feel a bit laboured, with one or two heroes pulling the "my life just can't handle this right now" angle, which is essentially just a fourth wall way of the writer saying "I don't feel like writing this character on my team." The ending of the issue is the best as the heroes unite ar...

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