New Avengers #28

    New Avengers » New Avengers #28 - Revolution, Pt. 2 released by Marvel on May 1, 2007.

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    It’s the New Avengers versus Elektra and the Hand, AND the New Avengers versus the Mighty Avengers. You think the war is over?? The war is over when Luke Cage says it is!!!


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    The Hand 0

     Summary The team arrives on a rooftop after the teleport last issue  spidey and wolvie are on lookout as the team figures out where to go before the hand catches up. They decide on the yashida residence since as an enemy of wolvie they wont think to find them there. They recap how the team met back up after civil war, how they were duped into a trap set by Iron man’s mighty avengers etc. Back in the present Silver Samurai and wolvie argue while strange tends to echo. Then the hand finally a...

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    Still going strong 0

    Over two years later, the New Avengers is still one of my favorite titles. The Avengers in the past has also seemed mediocre to me. You usually had powerful teams with battles against enemies that usually didn't feel like that big a deal. I think what's been different about this team is that they're not going out fighting Bad Guy Team A then Bad Guy Battle B. There's still some unresolved storylines like who's been behind the Raft break-out and so forth. The team still has it's mis-matched ...

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    The "new" New Avengers 0

    I've enjoyed New Avengers since the first issue. It's had it's up and downs, but I think the good outweighed the bad in most cases. I like the new team line up and find it makes sense. They're mostly comprised of heroes that were with Captain America during the Civil War. The only thing that kinda puzzles me is still having Wolverine on the team. Can he be a part of an outlaw superhero team, while he runs around with the X-Men? Although Astonishing X-Men is the only book that officially has him ...

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