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Collects New Avengers (2005-2010 1st Series) #1-10, New Avengers Most Wanted Files, and New Avengers America Supports You (2005 US DD Giveaway). Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS. Art by DAVID FINCH, STEVE MCNIVEN, and DAN JURGENS. Cover by DAVID FINCH.

In the aftermath of 'Avengers Disassembled' come the New Avengers! With the Avengers disbanded following an attack by one of the team's oldest members, a shadowy villain has taken advantage of their absence to initiate his ominous plans. Employing Electro to disrupt the electrical systems of the maximum-security prison known as the Raft, hundreds of super-powered villains are freed to wreak havoc on New York. Without the Avengers to answer the call, a group of heroes must form a makeshift alliance to subdue the rampaging villains and save the city. In the heat of battle, this new team fills the void left by the Avengers' demise - the New Avengers. After shocking the Marvel fans with the series-shattering 'Avengers Disassembled' storyline, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Finch begin an all-new chapter in Marvel Comics history with New Avengers. Featuring a cast of fan-favorite characters including Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman teamed with the hard-edged heroes Luke Cage and the Sentry, New Avengers presents a 21st-century revitalization of the classic Avengers concept. Plus: The mystery of the Sentry revealed! The Avengers try to help the most powerful super hero in the world figure out who he is and where he came from! But will this knowledge destroy the man they're trying to help? Includes a never-before reprinted salute to the real-life heroes of the U.S. military - guest starring THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Hardcover, 7 1/2-in. x 11-in., 340 pages, full color.


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Avengers Assemble! 0

Just picked this volume up this week, and decided to finally read it. I love the Avengers. And the way the Breakout's volume started, was they were hitting for the fences! You knew something was going to happen ironically inside the shield prison, and when it does you were still left with that awe. Seeing all these villains coming out, and the part I loved was the little boxes that would tell you just a brief rant about the person and their skills, which is awesome since I don't know a lot of ...

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Exciting start to an old story 0

Being in the comic scene for only about a year I have collected print of only a few volumes.  This New Avengers volume "breakout" being one of them.  The story follows the start of the "Avengers".  A grave situation that a single super-hero could have defeated by himself, brings together a team of "get-going" badass superheroes ready to fight for a cause again.  Since this took place 6 months after the first avengers breakup caused by Tony Stark, he is apprehensive at first.  Then once kick star...

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