What I want from Year Two of the New 52(Part One?)

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It's been a little over a year since DC rebooted and my overall opinion of the reboot is mixed to negative. Here are some things I want to see in Year Two of the New 52....

More Creator Control

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In mid June it was announced to much praise that the hero formerly known as Spoiler, for a short time Robin, and even Batgirl, Stephanie Brown was returning in the out of continuity series "Smallville Season Eleven" now using the name Nightwing. That was until someone higher up(presumably Dan Didio) found out and decided they didn't like that. The reason given by Didio was that Smallville only used the most iconic version of characters(hence Bart Allen as Flash?) and Stephanie Brown. She isn't the iconic Nightwing. Which makes sense if they used the iconic version of the character, but actually no they used someone else..

Barbara Gordon is the iconic Nightwing(At least in the eyes of someone in the powers that be). However Gail Simone(writer of the fantastic but underrated Secret Six as well as the current volume of Batgirl) has gone on to say something different. That according to Bryan Q. Miller the editors just said that Stephanie could not be used and he must pick someone else. This isn't the first time writers have been told they can't use Stephanie(as well as my personal favorite of the Batgirls, Cassandra Cain). Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, as well as Gail Simone herself have all asked to use the characters and have been denied.

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Outside of events like those related to Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain, come more editorial problems. Writers like Ron Marz, Paul Cornell, George Perez, and Rob Liefeld have all left books due to how strict editorial has become. Editors should check spelling and make sure events match up with what's been previously said, they shouldn't write the story. At that point they become the writers of the book. The worst example of this is Static Shock(Although in this case it was the artist that became the writer, but the editor was the one that allowed it to go on). A writer(specifically one with a real passion for writing and storytelling) should be able to tell the story they wish to tell.

*I'd also like to add that I've been noticing a lot of typos in DC comics lately....

No More 90's/Better "Young Justice" Line/How I'd Do the Young Justice Line

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I'm gonna try not to rant about the New 52 Teen Titans too much here(I feel I've talked about it enough). The Young Justice line is regarded by many as the worst line of books being put out by DC. Why you ask?

Because the line is DC trying to replicate 90's comics. To be more specific X-Men comics. Hell the first issue of Teen Titans has a cameo of Xavier Institute for Higher Learning! This isn't so much about the Legion of Superheroes, Blue Beetle, or even Ravagers(Although I will mention the costumes are pretty bad and 90's like) as it is the Teen Titans and Hawk & Dove.

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Hawk and Dove have a lot of potential. I saw this when I first read Blackest Night: Titans. Dawn is very cool and Holly was extremely compelling, and awesome. I went into Hawk and Dove with an open mind. It was really, really bad. No, not just the art the story as well was awful in itself. The dialogue was bad, the story was bad. Sterling Gates is a good writer but man was the story bad. It was also EXTREME(!) and very 90's. Hank is also very unlikable, and Dawn is just boring. Also Hank is in like his late 20's to early 30's how does that fit into the Young Justice line exactly???

Who exactly would I have picked as the creative team for the book? J. T. Krul with art by Ed Benes. I'd also make Holly Granger Hawk instead of Hank Hall.

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I've ranted about the Teen Titans more than enough. However if you haven't seen my prior posts about the topic I'll list the main reasons I dislike the book...

1) How unrealistic the characters act. How they constantly argue with each other for no good reason. As a teenager myself I'm sick of how teens are always portrayed in comics as full of angst.

2) Tim Drake is a Mary Sue. 'Nuff said.

3) Unlikable characters.

4) Clones of the X-Men.

Who I'd pick to write the book is a toss up between Bryan Q. Miller and Fabian Nicieza with art by Marcus To. In a fantasy world the writer would be Brian K. Vaughan or Joss Whedon.

Well lets end this topic now before I go on a long rant about how much I dislike the new Teen Titans.

* I'd also like to mention that wrote a great blog post as well about the Young Justice line I suggest you read.

Iconic Costumes Stay Iconic

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The whole goal of the The New 52 was to make the books easy for new readers by making the "iconic" characters, the ones that are most recognizable take center stage. It's a good idea. However if a brand new reader who loved the Teen Titans cartoon picks up Ravagers or Teen Titans. They look on the cover and they may see Raven and Beast Boy but because it looks nothing like them may be confused. Am I underestimating new readers? Yep. Could it still happen though? Yep!

More Multiverse

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This is the thing on this list that is most likely to happen(with Grant Morrison's Multiversity coming soon, and a rumored Justice League/Justice Society crossover). I love the idea of the Multiverse, it's such a great concept that rarely gets used. I've really been missing it lately(haven't been reading Earth-2. Dropped it due to bad dialogue, but may get the next issue and give it another chance.

The Obvious Request.

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Letter Pages!

While I never wrote a letter I loved reading them. So yeah bring them back please.

The End?

Well that's it folks. There are some other things I hope to see this year, and depending on if people liked this or not I may do another one. What do you want in year two of the New 52? Tell me in the comments.

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first of all thanks for recommending my Blog post

but regarding creator control i dont think its something that is a big problem

what i would like is just better editors and better management, specifically the case of Liefeld i think thats what happen when a writer has jus way too much control

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They should make more Teen books, and focus their teen team books. Both Legion books, the Teen Titans, and the Ravagers are all subpar books in my opinion. We need more solo teen books. And we don't really need Bat themed events every two months. I want the Teen Titans to be able to do their thing without Batman popping in like he does.

I want more science-oriented books, like the Atom. If they got a better writer for Mr. Terrific, he would have been my go-to sci-fi man, but his one and only chance ever was screwed up by a horrible writer.

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@arnoldoaad: No problem. Well to be honest Rob Liefeld shouldn't have been on any book in the first place.

@Twentyfive: An Atom book would be awesome! Whether it's Ray or Ryan. I'd want Jeff Lemire to write it, loved what he did with the Atom. I'd like to see a Stargirl ongoing(Matthew Sturges and Nicola Scott) and a Kid Flash(Fabian Nicieza and Todd Nauck) ongoing. I'd love to see J.T. Krul get to write Hawk and Dove again(with Holly as Hawk) with Ed Benes on art. Another character which if I do another one of these will mention more of that I feel could support her own ongoing is; Traci Thirteen. I'd like to see her and Coven of Three return.

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Nicely done blog, I completely agree. In addition to what you've said, I'd like for DC to lengthen their timeline and clean up their messy continuity.

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I prefer to do more reboots to simplify the dc timeline some more. Reboot the Batman timeline so Dick Grayson is Robin again. Erase the Tim Drake generation. Code names like Nightwing, Flamebird, Red Hood can be reused via more reboots. Reboot the Green Lantern timeline and feature 1 title for each of the 7 colors. Reboot the Legion mythology into the 21st century. For example, can make Vril Dox the father of Querl Dox. Reboot Teen Titans as Dick, Wally, Donna, Roy, Superboy. Reboot Ravagers as Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Caitlin Fairchild. Reboot Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Hawkgirl, Solomon Grundy, Dr Fate, back into the main earth. Reboot the Crime Syndicate into the main earth. Reboot Qward into the main universe and just erase the anti-matter universe. Reboot the New Gods into the main universe.

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