What are some good New 52 Series to read

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Hi, just started reading new 52, really enjoying it so far. The series that i am reading currently are

  • Flash
  • Superman/Wonder Woman
  • Superman Unchained
  • Forever Evil
  • Justice League
  • Earth 2

Wondering what you think about these titles and if there are any other notable series to read. i'm not really into Animal and Swamp thing.

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Well, I'm currently reading (or trying to read) Batman, Justice League, Justice League Dark, Animal Man, Captain Atom, Action Comics, Constantine...I think that's about it.

And why aren't you into Animal Man? He's frickin amazing.

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Batman and Green Arrow are my tops. Aquaman's pretty good, too.

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#4 Posted by SmashBrawler (6033 posts) - - Show Bio

Wonder Woman.

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