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    The second weekly series of The New 52, launched with a #0 issue on Free Comic Book Day 2014. Futures End begins 30+ years into the future of the DC Universe where Brother EYE has conquered the earth. Seeking to stop the event that triggered Brother EYE's uprising, Batman sends Terry McGinnis (making his first genuine appearance in regular DC continuity) back to the past to stop whatever caused Brother EYE to gain power. Where McGinnis was meant to be sent back to the present day DCU, a mistake is made and he misses his target, landing five years into the future of the present day universe, where Brother EYE's rise to power has already begun and a mysterious war between worlds has seemingly begun.

    As is tradition within the New 52, every September DC Comics pays tribute to the new continuity's launch with a line wide event, such as Zero Month or Villains Month. In September 2014, all of DC's ongoing titles (not including weeklies) will be replaced by one-shot Futures End tie-ins, seeing the starring characters and how they've changed and adapted to the five year jump into the future.

    Creative Team

    Like Batman Eternal before it, Futures End plans to use rotating artists on individual issues, but unlike Eternal, the series writing team shares equal input on all issues, rather individuals working off a plot written by the series "show runners."



    Collected Editions


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