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That TEASE though.

Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire, and Patrick Zircher journey into the world of Futures End once more! This time we see more of Batman Beyond and how he broke into Mr. Terrific's building, S.H.A.D.E.'S mission on finding out what exactly happened to the Stormwatch team, Lois Lane looking into Red Robins [alleged] death, and more!

The Good

So to recap what happens; Mr. Terrific is going to hunt Batman Beyond down, S.H.A.D.E. journeyed to the Phantom Zone to get information on who or what killed Stormwatch; Earth's superhuman early alarm system, Lois Lane is looking for answers on why Red Robin isn't dead, and Superman is awesome! Futures End focuses a bit more on characters, than the world they live in, in this issue; but that is all good. Because a complex world is good and all, but if the characters suck or are flat, then you got a problem on your hands! Thankfully, the writers don't have a problem on their hands!

Says the guy with an
Says the guy with an "S" on his chest. It doesn't mean "hope" nor "Superman", it stands for "teasing!"

To tease or not to tease? A question that continues to plague this series! I like it and also don't like it. However, the writers do an excellent job where you [or me] as readers can feel that way and it be, okay [rhyme]. The reason why teasing worked extremely well for the writers, and this issue, is that it showed off its characters! Superman, Tim Drake, and Batman Beyond, each of these characters had a good enough tease that will make anyone want to comeback for another round of Futures End.

For example, Batman Beyond vs. Mr. Terrific! The writers teased that in this story and it gives readers [like me] hope to, FINALLY, see Batman Beyond in action. With the looks of issue 7's cover, I'm hoping it is sooner than later. Another good example is with Tim Drake. The story right now is doing a really good job at building up expectation for a reveal on why Drake is no longer Red Robin and why he resents Batman so much. I enjoy how Lois Lane's hope for an answer resembles our hope as well. It's nice to have a character that acts out our anger, hate, and resolve when it comes to unanswered or teased plot points. Finally, Superman! Superman has a containment suit in this world. Why does he have it? Why is he super-stalking Lois? And who is this guy that keeps talking to himself? The writers did an exceptional job at using teasing to their advantage. However, they better start revealing the plot points we want to see, and stop teasing us. Or it'll be an old habit that dies hard, and readers will quickly start to hate this series!

Thank God for S.H.A.D.E.
Thank God for S.H.A.D.E.

S.H.A.D.E is in this issue, but their story doesn't tease anything and acts only as the foundation of this issue, acting on knowledge of things we already know that involves these characters. The writers should be congratulated on that; because if this was nothing but one BIG teasing issue, it would feel really cut-and-paste, all while blindfolded!

The artwork was perfect! The art team did a fantastic job, that's all I have to say! Great job guys!

Now let's move on to the....

"...The Bad"

I gave my fans another cameo. Fans love my cameos!
I gave my fans another cameo. Fans love my cameos!

What's going on with Batman Beyond in this series? Seriously! Batman Beyond, or Terry McGinnis, is supposed to be at the helm of the series, but so far he's had the least appearances and development in trying to save the future. Whatever the writers are doing with his character better pay off, because while I do get excited to see Terry McGinnis in an issue; that expectation and hope for something awesome to happen is taken away by some other character [nudge, nudge, cough Superman]. I think this could be handled a lot better, and I am hoping that his character is given justice!

Another problem with this issue was the beginning; which involved Batman Beyond ironically. While I did enjoying seeing more of Batman Beyond, I do think that his portion of the comic could've fit in with when he actually broke into Mr. Terrific's building [a couple of issues ago]. The beginning of this issue just felt out of place, as it was going backwards instead of forwards; while the other stories [and characters] kept going forwards in terms of their stories.

The series won't allow you to get to second base; IF, you are a new reader.
The series won't allow you to get to second base; IF, you are a new reader.

I won't consider this one of my gripes, because I enjoy the series so much, but I do have to incorporate it. This is WAY confusing if you started reading this series with this sixth issue! For those that are reading this series for the first time, the reason why it feels like parts are missing; is that, the writers are trying to build the story up, before they fully take off with it in the way they want. The reason why I loved issue 0 so much [from FCBD 2014] was that it, already, was in a place where the story had taken off. It was the end of the world! So the writers had already had things in place that could take the reader on an adventure and excite them for this year long series. To me, issue 0 will probably be one of the best issues from this series, so I recommend picking that issue up [and all the issues up] if you are confused. The way this issue is put together is for those that have been reading since that issue, not for those that just jumped on.

In the end...

"...The Verdict is...."

Issue 7's review will be here, next week!
Issue 7's review will be here, next week!

....Need I say more? 3 out of 5. Until the next one!

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    I thought this issue was intresting and im excited to see what happens between black adam and frank, I also am exited for the confrontation between mr terrific and McGinnis, my only issue is that even though terry does show up and looks to become a major role in the series I just wish he would be more involved in the early stages too. all in all this series is looking good and could shape up to be a great story arc!...

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