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Futures End keeps getting better-and-better!

Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire, Jesus Merino, and Dan Green join us on another action packed issue of Futures End! Check out the following reviews: Secret Origins, Original Sin, Winter Soldier The Bitter March, and Samurai Jack!

The Good

Firestorm disbanded!
Firestorm disbanded!

So in this issue, the writers are still showing off the world; and setting up plot points for the larger story. From their setup procedure, we get to see more of the Firestorm story, Grifter, Mr. Terrific, and Constantine's introduction in the the world of Futures End. A lot happens, but it blows by quite fast; thanks to the writers on this series!

The writers continue to impress me with the world of Futures End! Issues, like this one, gives us more details on the world that these characters live in. It's really great to see how the writers utilize each character to give us different, but unique viewpoints on the world and its current circumstances. However, the characters themselves is what really makes this issue standout!

Take Firestorm for example. The death of Green Arrow may, or may not, be entirely his fault; however, 1/2 of the Firestorm matrix [specifically, Ronnie] is being treated like he's to blame. It is really cool to see how the writers pit Ronnie and Jason against one another and how they eventually come to the conclusion that they shouldn't be heroes. It's really great to see tension between heroes and how certain actions they might have done, or didn't do, sticks throughout the entire story and helps shape their story as well as others. Really amazing job done, on the writers part!

Grifter, Mr. Terrific, and Constantine fit really well with what happened in their stories. The writers continue to build up expectation to Mr. Terrific's tech turning evil, and I'm excited to see how all these stories will come together as one whole. In short, a lot of things happen; and you should check out this awesome issue [and series] for yourself!

The artwork by Jesus Merino, Dan Green, and Hi-Fi was fantastic. They capture the world in all of its futuristic beauty and the character designs are very interesting. Much like their New 52 counterparts, Futures End does an excellent job at making the characters feel unique in a very unique story arc. The artist continue to impress me each, and every issue!

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict

5 out of 5. Another solid issue, until the next one!

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