The Mystery Society

    Team » The Mystery Society appears in 5 issues.

    The Mystery Society is the invention of husband and wife thrill seekers and justice retrievers, Nick Hammond and Anastasia Collins. A deadly dou with both the means and the motivation to solve some of the more unusual crimes. Together with a ghoul named Secret Skull and Jules Verne's brain encased in a robot body, and the atomic twins that Nick Mystery rescues from Area 51.

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    The Mystery Society are the husband and wife team, Nick Hammond and Anastasia Collins, who seek the thrills of the mystery and the macabre darkest recesses of the world. The lovers begin to form a bigger grouping of like minded individuals of the peculiar type.

    Now complete as a team with the addition of the likes of the vengeance seeking ghoul the Secret Skull, the brain of Jules Verne encased in a quirky robot body, and a pair of twin tweens with amazing gifts the Atomic Twins rescued from Area 51.

    With a hefty financial backing the two would train and lay out the plans for the rest of the team to take off in all manners of adventures. The team of aggressive sleuths went forth exacting justice and starting trouble in the least favorite places to be.

    Rising to a celebrity like status with the public enticed by they're every move, unfortunately this also led them to the attention of the authorities and the U.S government. The six-member team are set off on several missions at once, including: retrieving Edgar Allan Poe’s stolen skull; fighting the government’s fear/smear campaign to undermine MS’s credibility; and staving off an all-out assault on their headquarters by arch nemesis, General Powell.


    The Mystery Society is a comic series published by IDW Publishing, its first appearance was Mystery Society #1. It is based on the concept off a mystery set of paramours who gather together a pseudo-superhero team that solves paranormal cases, complete with supernatural allies and enemies, a mysterious secret hide-out and objects of mystical power, and references to Area 51, Jules Verne and Edgar Allen Poe. The idea was created by writer Steve Niles and Ashley Wood and was first published in 2010. The art on the project was done by illustrator Fiona Staples with letters by Robbie Robbins.


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