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When Brooklyn first met Maggie the Cat he assumed she was a gargoyle like himself yet he was soon confronted with the truth. That Maggie, and three other humans, where used in an expiriment by one Dr. Sevarius to create a group to rival the power of the gargoyles.

Though at first convinced by Sevarius and Xanatos that the gargoyles were the enemy they soon saw the light and left Xanatos to live in the Labrynth, an underground system of sewers used by the cities homeless, to become protectors of those with no place left to turn. After the creation of the Clones by Thailog the Mutates take them in and give them a home.

The Characters

name - position - human name.

Talon - leader - Derek Maza.

Maggie - second in command  and Talon's mate - Maggie Reed.

Claw - n/a follows Talon - n/a.

Fang - outcast - n/a.

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