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A new team is introduced to the Grimm Universe! A group of super powered beings calling themselves the Musketeers has emerged in Philadelphia. Using their powers to help those in trouble as well as to give themselves a lifestyle befitting champions, the line between hero and villain is easily blurred and while the team see their actions as justified the city's police force has their own ideas...ones that will see the Musketeers locked away.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover ARiveiro & Ceci de la Cruz1
BCover BRobert Atkins & Vinicius Andrade2
CCover CKeith Garvey3
DCover DArio Murti & Hedwin Zaldivar4
ECover ELeonardo Colapietro5
FBlank Cover FNone6
GEmerald City Comic Con Exclusive Variant Cover, Limited to 350Mike Krome & Ula MosMissing
HEmerald City Comic Con Exclusive Variant Cover, Limited to 100Mike Krome & Ula MosMissing
IEmerald City Comic Con Exclusive Variant Cover, Limited to 350Elias ChatzoudisMissing
JEmerald City Comic Con Exclusive Variant Cover, Limited to 250Elias ChatzoudisMissing



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