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Fun with Captain Marvel and the Multiverse

This was a really fun comic that I enjoyed much more than the New 52 Shazam. This comic feels like one of his old comics, but with a fresh and modern feel. All the classic characters are here to partake in the fun. The story is that Sivana has discovered the existance of the multiverse. With the help of the Sivanas from other Earths, he has created an eighth day of the week and plans on using the power from the Rock of Eternity to rule the multiverse. This was a really fun story that helped rid the taste of the New 52 Shazam from my mouth. Other than a few things here and there this really does feel like a continuiation of the Marvel characters. Everyones characterization feels on point and the tone feels right. It also has the perfect amount of action and story to flow smoothly. My only complaint is that there was only one story, but hopefully they make more in the future. I would definitely recommend this comic to fans of pre New 52 Billy Batson.

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    When the words instant classic it means that what you just read will be regarded as a classic and you have noticed it now. That isn't actually what I mean though. What this issue actually does is have all of the stuff from a classic Captain Marvel story from say, the 40's and captures that lightning (See what I did there?) in a bottle, instantly. One could even say that Multiversity so far was the pure Billy Batson, a good kid but not a superhero who could save everyone, this issue made the sto...

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    I have always had a deep respect for Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel fans. Though I might not always show (sometimes It might seem the opposite) it because I have remained in many respects, completely disinterested in new attempts to bring the character into focus (be it cartoon, comic, or movie). This is largely because they tend to modernize the character so much that he is nearly unrecognizable as the same character from the golden age. They have often completely ignored his complete char...

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