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Single Best Comic Issue of the year.. period.

I have always had a deep respect for Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel fans. Though I might not always show (sometimes It might seem the opposite) it because I have remained in many respects, completely disinterested in new attempts to bring the character into focus (be it cartoon, comic, or movie). This is largely because they tend to modernize the character so much that he is nearly unrecognizable as the same character from the golden age. They have often completely ignored his complete character backdrop or made him a brooding superhero, or many other things they try to cram in there because other popular characters who sell better have these attributes. they just miss the point. He is the original goody two shoes. the original boyscout. NO SUPERMAN WASN"T, his debut year Superman manages to kill over two hundred people an act he continues to repeat throughout his career until they started adopting some of the extra moral fiber from Captain Marvel. If Captain Marvel is the Original at what he does best, why do we need to constantly try and update him by copying other heroes?

I have thought that maybe trying to shoehorn Billy into the DC world at large was part of the problem. joining the justice league or dealing with the grungy (comparatively to his own world) world that the other heroes inhabit the writers feel obligated to try and adjust him to fit.. The JLU cartoon manages to pull it off however. So there goes that theory. there is no excuse.

So with the Seal of Approval from @CaptainMarvel4ever. I decided to give this a shot

Rethinking it enough, that its just old thinking

So the first thing Grant Morrison did right. is he threw out all those poorly done Captain Marvel dopplegangers that we have seen over the years. he seems to be gunning for a Golden Age Hero, with a Golden Age Plot, done with modern storytelling techniques.

Take the plot, its a simple premise that immediately reminds me of a wholesome plot from the Golden Age, with a simple and complete ending, a plot turns done with broad strokes and a very classic set of banter and witty repartee. But these come with a more modernized flow and a more lucid panel pattern. THis Comic makes me feel like I am reading a golden Age comic, without making me THINK that I am too.

A League of his own.

one of the problems with trying to bring Captain Marvel into the modern world, is He has to interact with other superheroes, like the justice league. but with all those superheroes out and about it makes his cohorts seem...unnecessary, or extra. (Mary, Junior, those uncles, and the tiger) But in this instance Morrison gave Marvel an entire world to inhabit, meaning that he needs his own League to back him up This was perfectly placed into this comic, because it was designed to do so...Captain Marvel with his own world. It actually gives him some much needed breathing room. no longer having to bolster with others for panel spotlights and he seems to fit this premise a lot better than soo many others.

Aged, and New

ITS CLEAR AS DAY that this is a modern comic book just by looking at the artwork. with fine lines, and techniques from various decades of upgrades to comic art theory. BUT, the simplistic art also gives us a more...aged feel. with smooth lines thick edges, and a simplistic shading method this all makes the beautiful colours pop, making them the center of attention. which they deserve, its so Bright within this comic world grant has recreated.

Keeping up with Continuity

This is my first Multiversity comic. and I didn't miss the others, I didn't feel bogged down with plot that was interdependent with the other issues, I didn't feel like I was missing something. and I didn't have to suffer through a large info dump. this very much is a great stand alone issue, with enough teasers to let us know there is more to the story but not so much that it distracts from the plot of THIS story

the Bad

WHAT....NO... NOTHING in this comic was bad... can't think of one single thing.


This was a Wonderful read, I actually went ahead and read it twice in a row because I liked it that much I will be buying the trade, just for this comic alone. I hope they do more with this Thunderworld...but I also hope they tag Grant Morrison in as the lead. This Comic completely and adequately brought a Golden Age Character that has never been good at keeping up with the times back to life. in all the glory and praise that it deserves.

5/5 I am wracking my brain really hard to think of a better single issue...I am coming up with nothing.

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