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Instant Classic.

When the words instant classic it means that what you just read will be regarded as a classic and you have noticed it now. That isn't actually what I mean though. What this issue actually does is have all of the stuff from a classic Captain Marvel story from say, the 40's and captures that lightning (See what I did there?) in a bottle, instantly. One could even say that Multiversity so far was the pure Billy Batson, a good kid but not a superhero who could save everyone, this issue made the story arc say "SHAZAM!", it kept up the stories high mark of excellency and provided an amazing Captain Marvel story.

I feel like that was all one big jumble of words that don't actually make sense and I was stretching all of those connections I was making, so... onto the actual review!

The Good

There's seriously only so much you can do with one issue. So far barring the first issue we've gotten complete stories every issue of multiversity that pack more story than should be allowed. The writing keeps everything compressed and moves a mile a minute, with enough twists, turns and cheeky little nods to past cannons to keep anyone smiling like a goof.

I won't ruin the story but it's pretty simple honestly. Sivanna has a nefarious plot, Billy has to end it, and then he does end it. It ends up mattering about the execution, which is where this book truly shines..

.....unless you mention the jaw dropping art. Cameron Stewart is Morrion's multiple time past partner in crime, helping with the yet to be finished Seaguy. (Seriously, get Seaguy Eternal out already!) He brings in a very light and fun hearted tone to his work this time around while bringing every thing to life perfectly.

The Bad

As always the real problem, especially with this one, is that we don't get more! I would love to know how they would follow up a story this great with something of the same caliber.

The Verdict

If you could only buy one issue this week, this should be the issue. It gives a full story while continuing the real one, a couple of memorable lines, and 300% more than your daily recommend dosage of Sivanna!

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