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Best one shot of the year? Best one shot of the year.

Multiversity is here again! Multiversity is here again! It's back with my most anticipated universe too! And would you like to know the best thing? This issue didn't disappoint at all.

The Good!

Morrison's writing is very Morrison. Which is a great thing, fantastic dialogue, crazy ideas, AND amazing pacing! What more could you possibly ask for? This book has two scene's that'll really stick with me for awhile for sure, the first is Batman and Superman's conversation. It's filled with a snarky but interesting Batman who is maybe a bit too serious (More than of a dick for no reason could see Bruce being) and a really Supermanish Superman mixed with just a twinge of sorrow. The second one is Kyle having flashbacks to when the term "fridged" had to be made. This one shot does move the plot of Multiversity as a whole along with that dastardly haunted comic book showing it's ugly face again!

Ben Oliver's art was like the perfect pick for this. I mean no one could of brought everyone to life like he did. Everyone looks like adults but not like icons of heroism, no, these heroes all look like grown teenagers without a damn clue and no reason to ever grow up. Or maybe that's just me.

The Bad

Honestly the only bad thing is that this isn't a full fledged ongoing because I really want to know a hell of a lot more about this universe. Mainly superman's adventure with Gaiman's Sandman. If I ask nicely will I get it?

Should you buy it?

If you want to see a whole ton of legacy characters come back to life exactly how you remember them then buy this. If you want to read a fantastic book that shows that someone did their homework, read this. If you want to read a good comic book, read this. This book moved along the central plot of Multiversity while moving along it's own plot. And in the end the heroes get what they really want, something to do.

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