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Something else for sure.

Before I say anything about the contents of the actual issue, I want to talk about Jae Lee's variant cover.

This is some top quality Jae Lee art.
This is some top quality Jae Lee art.

That just oozes a very creepy atmosphere due to Jae Lee being great and the colorist doing a top notch job. You could literally spend hours looking at it.

As far as the actual issue goes, it's well, Morrison as Morrison gets.

The Good

When I review a comic I try and not ruin an important plot detail, and for this particular issue I won't try and tell you the plot at all. Solely because this is something you really have to read for yourself to get. The dialogue is alright at times and really interesting at others. Like every other issue of Multiversity so far each issue has had a stand out that you want to see more of, Captain Carrot, Doc Fate, Batman and now Question. Who we spend a good bit of the book following, it works but doesn't really add much to the overall plot of Multiversity at all. We do get a couple of huge developments though, from other characters.

Pacing of comic books is a very important thing that isn't talked about enough. This book in particular has a fantastic pace, not wasting time on frivolous matters so we can get a complete story. Which is nice since we won't get another issue devoted to this particular issue by this creative team.

With all of that said, the art is what actually makes this book worth it. Quietly puts out the best art of his career here with meticulously detailed images and innovative panel designs. Some people don't like his art because (and I quote) "He draws lumpy potato people" which at times has been a genuine problem. Don't fret this time, no potato people in this issue!

The Bad

Besides the same fact that I really don't feel like waiting like 4 months for the "Ultra Comics" issue of Multiversity so we have a real idea of what's actually going on? Nothing. Top notch stuff all around.

The Verdict

The award winning creative team makes another notch in their belt which will require multiple readings and whole lot of your attention

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