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    Expectations were set, expectations were met.

    When I found out that Multiversity was actually coming out I was over the moon. When the days dwindled down and it was only a week away it was the only thing I was talking about. Today when it came out it was the only thing I could think about. So to put it lightly you could say I was excited. Now, Grant Morrison is my favorite writer so I would be excited to read anything the man wrote but the idea of Multiversity would of gotten me to check it out if anyone was writing it. So as of now I have read the issue 4 times and I absolutely adore it and here is why. (Spoilers ahead)

    The plot - Grant Morrison starts his new epic by showing us Nix Uotan (Who was used over in Morrison's Final Crisis and is the last Monitor in existence) reviewing a comic specifically a comic by Mr. Morrison himself. A comic apart of Multiversity that isn't even out yet, which makes me question why Nix gets the comic early? Anyway as it turns out the comic is haunted and this makes Nix and his monkey suit up and start to save the multiverse. The first universe they visit is earth 7 which is already doomed. So Nix saves the what we presume is the last hero of this universe by sacrificing himself and telling Thunderer how to save the MULTIVERSE! Fast forward to Earth 23 and we meet Obama/Superman who is quickly sucked into the House of Heroes where he meets the Multiverse's Justice League (The top heroes from ALL of the universes) which includes the lovable Captain Carrot who acts as the person who gives the reader the needed information also known as walking exposition. Which works because Captain Carrot still shines as his own character and honestly he stole the show in this issue. So after we find out what's going on we then go to the next universe, Earth 8 which rips off the Marvel universe brilliantly. After the Justice League of sorts fights the Retaliators (The Avengers) Nix shows up rather.. changed.

    The writing - Grant includes an insane amount of ideas and he does it quickly. Like how you can travel the multiverse using frequencies (Silver age reference) therefore your optimal way to travel across the multiverse should be frozen music. He also includes the "One universes reality is another fiction" which is also a silver age reference. So he uses a lot of idea that already existed and used them to his benefit, which sums up a good bit of Grant's work honestly. As far as dialogue goes, it was solid and every character has a distinct voice.

    The art - This is the part where I stop talking about how brilliant Grant Morrison is and congratulate Ivan Reis on hitting this one out of the ball park. He had a lot of work in bringing the script to life and he did it flawlessly. Not one panel ever looked too crowded even when he had a lot of stuff to show. All of the characters looked fantastic and I didn't notice a single anatomy issue and trust me I spent a lot of time looking over his gorgeous art.

    Summary - This issue was awe inspiring, simply fantastic stuff done by every single person who worked on this. Fantastic art provided by Ivan Reis and a classic Morrison issue equals a must buy and a recommendation from me. Seriously, buy this issue. BUY IT! Even if it is haunted.. BUY IT!!

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