The Muddlefoots

    Team » The Muddlefoots appears in 16 issues.

    The annoying neighbors of Darkwing duck

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    Origin and Creation

    This family was created for the television show Darkwing Duck. They are similar to any early television next door neighbors. They always intrude at the worst possible moment and they are just oblivious to what is around them. They are fans of the tv show "Pelican's Island." 

    Major Arcs

    Crisis on infinite Darkwings 
    When tensions were high following Darkwing Duck's return to heroism and Quackwerks's decline from its controlling of St. Canard, the citizens of St. Canard demonstrated against its returning hero. They were annoyed at our hero and blamed him for everything including the mysterious happenings of the water. Among the demonstrators are Herb Muddlefoot and Tank Muddlefoot.
    F.O.W.L. Disposition
    In order to make sure Duckthulhu is indeed rising, Morgana and Launchpad look for signs in the, well, simple people. In other words, The Muddlefoots. When the duo travel to the muddlefoot's house, their worst fears take the shape of the muddlefoots. Be afraid, be very afraid. Can Darkwing stop this force beyond comprehension or will people like the muddlefoots be lost in the terror that is Duckthulhu?


    Herb: the dad
    Binkie: the mom
    Tank: the older son and a bully
    Honker: the younger son and a nerd

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