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The Movement keeps moving along nicely

I really like Gail Simone's work, secret six was my favorite and Batgirl, which I need to catch up on. She really knows how to write different types of characters, from LGBT , different minorities, anti-heroes, women, and etc. And really that's what makes this comic special, it has an interesting group of heroes from the possibly lesbian Leader Virtue(it was inferred in this issue and mentioned over SDCC this weekend) to the Satanic Burden and even the hot headed Katharsis. To be completely honest, I like this team better then the Teen Titans at this point, so I hope this title sticks around for a good long while. So, without further delay let's get on to this story, this begins where the last issue ended, with Katharsis fighting the S.W.A.T. team and the others fighting the Weather Witch(Sarah Rainmaker) on the search for the Cornea Killer. While Virtue and her teams fight goes well, with an amazing look at what Burden can do, Katharsis fight ends with her arrest. Leading to the point where Virtue calls all out war on the commissioner if he does not hand over Katharsis, who he does not even is there. Along the way we get a lot of great moments, such as the hint of a future relationship between weather witch and Virtue, continued questioning if Burden is actually Satan or just a crazy kid with powers, and a fun little scene with wheelchair bound team member Vengence Moth(I guess all the good codenames were taken). Beyond this we also get a good idea on who the killer is and how much power over the city this man actually holds. Beyond that my only complaint is that the art could look a little better on some pages, but that is a minor complaint. Overall this is a great issue on what is turning out to be a terrific series, and I can't wait to see what Simone does next issue.

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