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The Mongolian Barbecue Horde is a supergroup of Gen-actives consisting of Gen-actives rescued by Nate (Amp).


Team Evolution

The team consists of:

  • Nate (Amp)
  • Leslie (Trauma Queen)
  • Tommy (Twenty-Man Tommy)
  • Sadie (Voodoo Queen)

Main Story Arcs

Following the deaths of the Gen 13 team, Nate led his team in a search for an I.O. device to counteract the disasters on California caused by the release of Gen 13's powers.

Team Name

The team does not have an official name. They have jokingly given themselves several names based on the Mongolian Barbecue restaurants they frequent. These names include:

Just some of the names for the team...
Just some of the names for the team...
  • The Spicy Hunan Defenders
  • The $8.99 Dinner Defenders
  • The Mongolian Barbecue Horde
  • The Barbecue Badasses
  • The Young Gladiators
  • The All-You-Can-Eat Avengers

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