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She-Hulk is enrages when she suspects that Eros, aka Starfox, has manipulated her with his emotions-altering powers. She-Hulk and air force pilot John Jameson fall deeply in love and get married, but they are under the influence of Starfox's powers. A powerful cosmic force transforms John into the wolf-like Star-God.

She-Hulk discovers that Starfox's evil brother Thanos made him lose control of his powers. But She-Hulk and John were not the only ones influenced by Starfox: Lawyer Mallory Book was made to fall in love with Andy the android, but has now rejected him....  


The Punisher finds his one-man crusade against crime hampered by the superhero Civil War. He is hounded by SHIELD. He makes contact with embittered criminal scientist Stuart Clarke who helps him track down villains using Iron Man technology.

The Punisher agrees to aid Captain America. However, when two supervillians approach Cap and also offer to help, the Punisher kills them ... 


The Hulk crash-lands on the Planet Sakaar, a brutal world ruled by the insane Red King. Its oppressed people the Hulk is the "Sakaarson"; their legendary saviour. The Red King attacks using Spikes; a living weapon that can infect and possess any being. However, the Hulk makes peace with them.

The Hulk and his comrade-in-arms, the Warbound, defeat the Red King. The Hulk is crowned King. Peace comes to Sakaar - but for how long...?


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