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The Hulk returns to Earth and takes his revenge on Black Bolt, Iron Man, Dr Strange and Mr Fantastic. After an awesome battle with Sentry, the conflict ends. The Hulk returns to his Bruce Banner form and is imprisoned.

Hercules and boy genius Amadeus Cho find themselves on the losing side. Hercules’s half-brother, the Avenger called Ares, takes great pleasure in his defeat. Amadeus and Hercules escape SHIELD custody, taking a SHIELD laptop. Amadeus plans to destroy SHIELD for good. Ares swears to track Hercules down and destroy him …


She-Hulk discovers that Iron Man betrayed the Hulk by blasting him into space. Enraged, she attacks Iron Man, but he is ready for her assault – he injects She-Hulk with power-inhibiting nano-robots that strip her of her abilities. She-Hulk becomes Jennifer Walters permanently. She threatens Iron Man with legal action.

A change of management has taken place at Jennifer’s law firm. The mysterious Arties Zix is now in control. When worker Stu Cicero discovers that Zix is really the robotic Recorder, Zix then threatens the shape-changer Ditto, forcing him to imitate Stu to avoid raising suspicion…


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