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Loki doing   a torture of Wrecker for catch his stolen power.He see in dream his life when he was a child.His father was a builder and when go home doing punch of Wrecker. Echantrees and Ulik the rock troll catch Kevin the son of Eric Masterson. Eric became Thor and help is son in a battle versus Ulik and Loki.When Ulik lose in a batle Loki catch thepwer of Wrecker and teltrasporte them in a ultr dimensional parlel.Thor can put Kevin but Loki continue to combat. After that capitan Shelly Conklin report at Code:Blue to start the mission. But they have a problem because some statues start to life.In this moment

Mephisto is happy because he still to catch soul of Thor with shroud .Return to Code:Blue Lt. Stone order Fireworks to destroy the lift.After Rigger Ruiz uses some gadgets. Then Jock Jackson run to catch Kevin for reporting at secure.In a fantastic battle Thor can't kill Loki because isn't justice.But Loki uses his special his magic power for kill an ordinary woman.Thor is bilned by his hunngry and uses Minojir to doing the power of Asgard and kille Loki.But after Oadin get up and ordinary a grave punishment.And after when Eric Masterson begin Thor understand he have got a great change.

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