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Vengeance and Thunder

AF Reviews: Acts of Vengeance
AF Reviews: Acts of Vengeance

The Gentlemen's Name is Juggernaut is the first part of a two-part Thor tie-in to Acts of Vengeance written by Tom DeFalco with art by Ron Frenz. The issue offers one of the most popular match-ups of the crossover with Thor fighting against X-Men's Juggernaut. The pairing was so popular it was brought back a few issues later after the crossover and a couple more times after that. Although, what the issue is really mostly remembered for is it features the very first appearance of the New Warriors.

The story is mostly driven around the Thor and Juggernaut battle which is a cool enough fight, although Thor getting beat by Juggernaut seems more like a way to big-up the New Warriors debut. There's not much character stuff going on, and the few references there are to Thor continuity (Thor having seizures, Eric Masterson, Herc, etc.) come across as just plain confusing if you haven't been reading Thor before the crossover. They have little bearing to the story.

The issue is more or less one long fight between the two characters and until the last bunch of pages it's not that great a fight. The first bunch of pages are mostly spent with Juggernaut showing utter disregard for civilian life, Thor lecturing him about it and then the person Thor has saved blaming him for everything. This happens 3 times in succession. When the fight finally kicks into gear within the last 5 or 6 pages, it gets a lot better with Juggernaut kicking Thor's ass.

The introduction of the New Warriors seems a bit cruddy. They couldn't be more out of place appearing in Thor's book (why aren't they appearing in Spider-Man or somewhere that fits them?) and it seems to much like the story has been written around them. Thor gets defeated but the New Warriors show up just in time to stop Juggernaut killing him. That's when the issue ends.

It's an ok issue with a really good hero/villain pairing but there's a few niggles and tropes slotted in there with a certain sense of it being too obviously geared around introducing and making the New Warriors seem cool rather than running with a proper Thor vs. Juggernaut fight. With that said, what we do get of the Thor and Juggernaut fight is good enough to let you overlook the obvious New Warriors mandate. I remember the first time I read Acts of Vengeance, I wasn't too into the Thor issues but second time around I found myself enjoying this a lot more than the first time around.

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