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In the back pages of Holyoke's CAPTAIN AERO COMICS, a feature that debuted in the June, 1944 issue was a fellow called The Mighty Mite. A little guy named Mickey was invited by his friend Teena to her costume party. The night arrived and the ball was going great, but Teena was worrying that Mickey had not shown up yet when suddenly a gang of crooks came in and announced they were robbing everybody of their valuables and kidnapping the young lady for ransom. In the midst of their nefarious activities, a knock came at the door. The butler was instructed to find out who was there, and if it was the cops, tell them everything was fine. When the door opened, Mickey sauntered in wearing a red, white and blue caped outfit and announced loudly he was The Mighty Mite! His bravado vanished as he faced the guns of the gang members and fainted. When he woke up, the gang had taken off with Teena and Mickey was chastised by the others for being nothing like the hero he claimed he was. Maddened by the words, Mickey announces he will get those crooks and takes off after them. He has second thoughts about facing them as he proceeds, but he accidentally does well in his pursuit. First he jumps out a window to go after the gang and lands on one, then he ducks an attack and a pair of them clobber each other. When the last fellow, the gang leader, chases Mighty Mite, the little guy trips, and while on the ground the crook falls over the hero and knocks himself out. Mickey and Teena return to the party as the police take the defeated crooks away. Mickey - The Mighty Mite - is toasted by everyone at the party as a great hero and Teena rewards him with a big kiss.

The Mighty Mite continued in the eleven remaining issues of CAPTAIN AERO COMICS and grew bolder in his exploits. He fought crooks, spies and enemy infiltrators and held his own as he defeated them. The strip was created and drawn by John Giunta.

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